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I'm pansexual and feminine non-binary (I'll aknowledge the fact that I'm a woman, but I don't identify with it)
I like to draw and play videogames in my spare time
I have anxiety, OCD, and ADHD
I cannot eat gummies, as the texture makes me sick
  • Real Name
    Savannah Hoehn
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Cloud mama's back ^w^
October 18th, 2018
@She_Who_must_not_be_named: technically I'm old enough to drive, but I just haven't taken the test yet because of my anxiety QwQ
October 16th, 2018
The struggles of being a minor
I'll try to convince my aunt to support you, but I doubt she'll let me T-T
I hate you. I love you, but I hate you.
I'm sorry but I saw the name Deedee and got so angry for no goddamn reason.
Well then, his name shall be Hodge.
uh oh, that looks like a film reel. Also Hero is sleeping, so she's most likely emitting dreams. RGB cover your vents please I don't wanna see you go through another nightmare-
@JoKeR: You know what, that's a mood. Vehicles are awful to draw.
@woolysox123: He won't. He's too deep into fatherhood to leave his child.
Finally he carries her non-football style XD
I like how his eyes are a lighter, less saturated blue here than they usually are! That's a nice touch!
@That Blobfish Girl: could be, though it still looks a bit odd
Evets and Seaweed just kinda vanished between panels XD
@KattyGirlPlayz: lol yea Indigo is a precious bean who must be protected at all costs.
Ooh! Good job with the sun effect! It's very pretty! ^w^