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I hope that I am not the only one who thinks that Talon's plan will just fall flat on its face.
(Facepalm) the stormtrooper failed miserably on sneaking on talon and Holt. I see that Talon may have really bad eye sight but even know a rogue trader Trooper when he sees one.
@evilscary: I... dought that is going to going to be the case. In one of the Cover art from *peachpunk -> It looks like it will be some crazy psyker and rogue trader as a different clothing on him. But seeing that they both have dice in their hands, it's maybe telling that they hold the fate in some of our heroes.
A smiling commissar... that's scarier than facing a CSM. One other thing.... DO NOT BRING THOSE F*CKWITTS HERE!!! They will most likely will deem this planet lost and declare exterminatus, with us on it... and trust me. Me and Cordania people really don't like them.