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Im a newb spriter at the moment and I guess an all around nice guy. I dont realy have much to say for myself. Ill let others be the judge of me.
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Sorry for no cameos, nostalgia forced me to make this thing and with only paint and old sonic sprites to work with.

Sonic belongs to sega

Picture belongs to me.
Quick question: Who is there to stop him from going out on a suicidal rampage taking hundreds with him? Sam fisher is dead.
I think even those who are gay would still like to score. Plug and socket were made for each other.
We will dearly miss him and his crunchy toasty making goodness...
September 1st, 2009
Character sheets FTW!
September 1st, 2009
I'm still all for the electric cattle prod.

Getting hit with a mop is just plain ennoying...
talking from experience.
Love the art and storyline so far! The only problem I have had is some spelling and just a tiny bit of grammar. I'll be sticking with this series hopefully. Great job!
December 13th, 2008
On the first day of Christmas...
"On the first day of christmas my true love had a FIGHT! I then cut down that pear tree and burned it just for spite! And with one simple Cartridge I shot that pesky Partridge my true love, oh my true love gave to me"~ heh, Choir song.
Beutiful, Very nicley done on the video Saria, seriously. Love it.
Cameos are Zealot John to the right and again we have Martin Prower to the left.

Thank you.
Done enough for him I guess.

Do you have any polite sugjestions?
*Deleted* Please don't call him that just because of his sprites.
Cameo's are Silverix on the left, and Omega on the right.

Not much else to say here exept to thank you guys again for reading and sticking with me for 5 comic XD. Enjoy.
Money isnt going to save you from a hammer to the head XP
Not much to say here, but Martin should remember we drive on the other side of the road in America.
Nice picture I took while traveling through the canyon to come home. I hope the joke is funny enough for today, enjoy and again

Thank you for reading

p.s. Cameo's are wanted, and so are ideas!

Edit- Sorry for the messy speach bubbles, first time I have tried something like that.
Too bad the speed limit is only 55 mph on that road.

That picture is fresh from yesterday, Enjoy.

Thank you for reading.