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Oh yeah, Modi's a real character, wonderful dog. I think once I have a house that I own, and you know things that need protecting, like secret hoards of gold, or children I'll get another wolf hybrid... either that or a leonburger, those things are frickin' huge, I could ride one of those.
Hmmm, no that brings up some rather blurry childhood memories. I have a very old dog my parents purchased from the back of a pick up truck (where all good pets come from) and since he's a 1/3 wolf he has always been very protective of my sister and I.
I vaguely remember living next to a lake, or very large pond, and going swimming a lot as a wee child... I also remember my dog being very against any contact with still water... the rest is kind of fuzzy, except of course the way Modi swims to this day being flailing his front paws and pushing anything in front of him down...

...hmmm now I've got a lot to think about.
Well bodily harm sounds like snuggling with my cat. One minute he's purring and then BAM the next he's got his claws in your head trying to lick your face off...oh and he kicks, usually aims for your eyes, don't know why I let the bugger sleep on my pillow
Awww I think Drake snuggling with Joan would be cute. He looks like a snuggler.
Ahhh, I hate to say it, but Jean just keeps looking frumpier and frumpier... and wow, the auto spell check thing that comes with XP professional didn't correct that... frumpier is a real word I guess.
D: Poor Tedddy, I hope Joan in all her butchness kicks Drake for him.
He should have a great shiny egg, maybe one of Drake's siblings...>.>..<.<...>.>
I know EXACTLY what teddy is going to respond with.

"I said what I meant and I meant what I said, a vampire's faithful one hundred percent"
to add to her torment she now has to look at that hat. She should win a metal.

to be perfectly honest I've almost bought one of those ugly hats three or four times recently, they're so ugly, but I long for them.
D: poor Joan, she has a look of 'oh god please don't see what he's doing'

lovely dumb hat
I dunno seems to me like the horses know exactly what's going on and have chosen sides.
Wee, such cute and affectionate horses. Poor Teddy, and poor Teddy's dad, must be hard.