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Im just a Casual, I dont have any fancy thing as a waccon, sadly, I use my computer mouse and the program open canvas. Im hope you like my work
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@strelook86: Quien STIIIP?
Too long ago
This is about a special issues for my anime festival. Its about 5 chapters.
I want to say thanks to the 2 first fans on this manga, I appreciate it guys
One for month
I ll try to do a new chapther one for every month
Soon the next Ova
after the new OVA, we┬┤ll continue the 3th volumen of the manga
As you asked
We are writing in english again
Returning to the English.
Afther this issue we will go to the second OVA and some mini series, returning from the ova to the english languaje
Each Volumen have 5 chapters
Last chapther of this volumen, next to this some mini series and then we go on the OVA
About the lenguaje
Im thinking seriously to go back into the ensglish, after all this page its in that lenguaje... no?
Spanish, Spanish
I keep doing it on spanish, but some chapters still at english, if you want I keep updating on english let me know
This is the begin of the volumen 2
Every Volumen are 5 chapters almost 6 pages, and may contain Mini stories of the series
The languaje
You cant read the Epic Quest Hokusai? maybe because Im bad at english, or maybe because now its in spanish, letme know if you wanna keep reading on english and I could put it on english
End of the first volumen
every 5 chapters ends a volumen, also every 5 chapter are 2 parts
First Manga I do
This is my first attend of do a manga, maybe its not the best but its a little funny to do it