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Hey, I'm currently not active due to Exams.
Author and Artist. (In Training)
I love Pokémon and Dragons :3
Anime <3
I have a account in progress writing: Pokémon Mythic Dungeons: (DragonMoonWolf77)
Instagram: (Shyskyshaymin)
Currently trying to draw my Fanfic into a webcomic...
But I have so many ideas T-T
Also need to get a grip on shading and highlights..
And stop procrastinating.
Hoping to make an Art Gallery. Hopefully. Soon -hey I made it :>
~Heart of Wolf, Soul of Dragon and Fan of Pokémon~
Yeah but this is the PMD world so :p to Sun and Moon
(Great page as always, can’t wait to see what happens next! :3)
Aww sorry again I wasn't on to support you in your time of need. (Internet broke down ._.) but I'm glad you're feeling at least a bit better.
Has I think the tail fur style looks especially good
Random Ol kids giving away keys to people's houses XX
Eh everyone says it looks cranky but the Nidoking looks more like it's in pain
:0 I wanna see wat the comet is is (or meteor now I guess since it crashed)
Naoo don't crush little Snowfly like that OWO
It's like HeartGold/Soulsilver XD
Ok Story time :3
So I was just like watching TV and I hear this wierd ticking noise. I'm like wat is that? Then I look around the room and then this Cookoo clock (THAT HASNT WORKED FOR 20YRS!) has just suddenly started working. I though maybe some little gecko or something bumped into and it would stop, so I stayed up for like an hour just watching that clock and it didn't stop.
I'm pretty sure it's been possessed by a ghost, so yeah.
Art Trade with Auraflame. This is their OC Ivy the Leafeon from their Eeveelution comic.
Oh wow it looks so good. I should be posting the one for you soon as well! Btw I decided to do Ivy is that's okay?
I don't really mind but I'll be doing digital
Okie sounds good to me! Which one?
Congrats you deserve it! ^v^
And has the new banner is so good
Ooh yay. I know you say requests, but do you wanna do an Art Trade? Cause I would love to do some art for you too.
(Also if it's alright, do my OC Percival? [He's the black dragon on my Art Dump cover, and his eyes are a light purple])