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The confusion on Leon's face XD
As the quote goes. "This is gonna suck."
So, N & Wes are staying back just in case if anything happens, but a little girl is fiiine. I know Jen's had more experience than N & Wes as Pokemon, but still. (Sorry about the tiny spam, something glitched when I was commenting).
I can't believe that I didn't realize that Avis still has the necklace.
You guys' comic is awesome, we should be thanking you guys for making this comic!
I can tell where this is going, just hoping that we get to see the conversation.
When your put on the spot. Also, first!
I'm surprised you didn't call one of them Tim & one of them Tam like the Tim Tam brothers.
I love how he acknowledges that he's a cartoon character (well... Comic book character.) & then just glosses over it. XD
He's got 2 options... Leave everyone in that world while he & maybe some others escape or he takes everyone in that world to the Human World.
6 Years!
I can't believe it's nearly been 6 years! That's some dedication.
Is it bad that I'm more curious if we're going to see the first human?
I find it funny if you look closely you can see one of the Eevee's laughing. (Or something else, hard to tell.)
The past comes back to bite him.
Well... Do I make fanart of Vagus with a RIP or just walk away?
Imagine if this was Iten's house. (Just a little joke.)
It's good your not going to force yourself to continue it after this arc, thank you so much for this amazing story!
Out of my head Theory
From the character interview, we know that this Mewtwo is from the anime world of Pokemon. So we could see a time when N mentions Ash if he recognizes a description from Mewtwo if he brings him up. I don't know why I'm talking about this, someone just mentioned Ash & it popped up in my head.
@Flamel: I'm gonna have to agree with you on that one XD