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Great stuff ;p
First of all:
Don't post a million comics in 5 seconds.
You've used the same drawings in every comic, and changed some expressions with MS Paint. No comment on that.
Nothing wrong with Mondays... in fact; no college on Mondays! Mondays kick ass!
Remind me to copy/paste shit together next time; saves time, too!
In fact, yes, yes I did :)
And I was in fact wearing that t-shirt whilst drawing!
This one isn't meant to be funny, it's damn serious ;)
I better get the heat resistant flame-suits!
Hmmmm, just play it more!
I think I beat it in 2 or 3 sessions with no problems :>
Stop bitching at everything Chupa, it's getting really old, really fast.
The punchline of punchlines:

"'Least I have chicken"
Looks very nice in colour! :o
Sovjet Customer support kicks ass!
When are you going to stop using exactly the same cliparts at exactly the same spots? I mean the humour has potential... so why drag it down by a mile with 'art' and laziness like that?

Edit: oh right, posted on the main page... I'll go fuck off then.
Only pseudo-gay 18 year-olds allowed!
And the beer is OURS! so is the gimp in the cage!
I was wearing the "Gorge" skin because it's the most ugly one :P
And my friends don't want to play any Unreal games on LAN's, we did that once and now people refuse to play against me :(
Seems 3 years of experience beats complete newbies at the game :\
Welcome to Smack Jeeves, where you get downrated without comments all the time :\
And here I was thinking I'm the only one subjecting our avarage ratings to my calculations (and I suck at math) just to see how many 1's have been given!
Usually the avarage is 3-4 before I lose track of the ratings :o

Everyone loves us!

Gave this one a 4 anyway... 4 for style, 4 for art, 3 for humour, 6 because it's unreal we're talking about here... then I deducted 13 because 17-13 is 4 and 4 is the rating I gave you.
August 25th, 2005
Quite funny ;)
Made me smile anyway :)
"I cant draw I cant spell but I want a web comic so dam it am gona have one!"
nice ;p