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Tapu Koko the Deerling
"Tapu Koko" seems to be a bad Name for a Deerling, but - have you ever seen me fight?

(I love Pokémon and World of Warcraft!)
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I know this reaction...^^
LOL he´s just like Milan when someone wakes him up... (he sleeps 3 hours a day, because his Electric Surge prevents him from sleeping in the other 21 hours...)

I know, bad English.
I wonder how Flame would react if Absol tells him... or does he already know?
Once that happened to me =_=
I like these Comics. They´re funny and I never get bored with them.

(do u mind if i call my eeveelutions after yours?)

PS: Sorry for my bad English - didn´t really pay attention to English lessons (too busy with being bored)...