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Blacku-draws comics and other stuff.

I also love One Piece
October 5th, 2019
@Meta-Akira: yup, I re-upload pages as I redraw them. I have up-to-date pages on Tapas only atm
@dmr11: yup, I couldn't figure out why it's not showing yesterday, but I will try to fix that today!
@anasofi3210: aah thank you so much <3
@dmr11: nah just the fish XD he's leaving forever so i don't think he worries about such stuff
oh traditional comics always looks so time consuming for me, and it's all in colours! You did awesome job with that. I would just say work a bit on the writing, as it's a bit hard to read sometimes :D
Sorry for being moody potato. I have some serious beef with smackjeeves and some not-so-nice interactions with people here (and SJ itself sometimes is hard to work with and upload pages for some reason??) so I'm seriously thorn between leaving this site AND keeping the comic here since there are some people who want to read it.
Sorry if I made anybody upset or diappointed.
I stopped uploading on SJ some time ago, so let me start over nicely, and keep everything up to date with one or two pages per week~
I love it so far <3 It's so well drawn, I'm in love with your art style! and I'm curious what will happen next, I'm checking smackjeeves everyday just to see a new page :D <3