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i make comics because i wana write big time comics ya dig
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    Alavaz Xela
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dont stop man, your arts sooo GOOD
@Bill : yeah
how many months did i take on this page

well anyway, i used somee photoshop techniques ti paint it

i used dark colors to outline colored things instead of just black, i added line details in clothes and even SHADOWS using opacity

page is too simple im gona try to get nuts on Page 10!
the 3 collectors are characters i drew in notebook sketches and had no where to go
February 11th, 2017
Probably my worse page and the one i took longest working on solely because i fucked up with photoshop, i now know how to do big panels with more characters and ect

im sorry for having you all wait so long
behold some BACKSTORY
I really like this page even with my crappy digital coloring lol hope you enjoy
probably because making this comic is what im doing with my free time, im getting it done in good time

i hope i can keep it up lol
At this point i remembered Photoshop's paintbrush can be used without those weird smudges on the side, pencil looks too much like MS paint

I don't know enjoy :)
Finally the first page to my first webcomic, i know the arts "iffy" but the idea is for me to learn to draw better and to practice photoshop while telling the best story I can, please any comments or so is welcomed!
January 9th, 2017