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i make comics because i wana write big time comics ya dig
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    Alavaz Xela
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Chapter 2 on it's way, Nate assists Issac in a new experiment, how insane and wacky can things get!
lol this was the best comic i ever read
End of Chapter 1

Where will the story lead, keep following to find out

Comment on this comic or the illuminati are coming for your asses
World Order
Sorry have no internet access to update

I can't wait to reach to a part with a background because I don't know if ill do a hot job at it :)
how did one simple Pizzeria worker become recruited in the biggest secret organization in history?

You'll see
each member!

Meet the people who run your livelihood!
The first page to a new epic, with twists, and dark humor, and uh world problems yes
November 19th, 2018
Inauguration Cover page, real page 1 coming soon maybe tonight maybe 60 years from now

probably sooner though
November 9th, 2018
Axor started off as an attempt to finally make a webcomic and also teach myself Photoshop, the original idea stemmed from having a comic solely on a character fighting a constant tournament arc if you will

i think I kinda fell in love with a lot of things going on at the time, Samurai Jack revival, me replaying New Vegas, memories of SuperJail, it kinda ended up meshing into this, I wanted it to be cool and stuff and i like what I did but one of my biggest faults are coloring and doing digital all things I really wana learn

I wana take Axor a bit more seriously so I intend too by doing things more professionally done like by actual artist even if the art doesn't come out as good as theirs, I feel like Axor deserves it

I had a great ending in mind and I wana get there!

thanks for reading if you have been, as I said before next time Axor shows up it'll be


at least to me :)
November 8th, 2018
The last page of Chapter 12 as well as how you see Axor now

I intend on giving him an all new revamp, I dont wan him looking like shit and I think i figured out how

might take awhile and i only have like 2 readers, but next time you see Axor it might look
not as shitty

thanks for reading so far peace out :)
November 6th, 2018
I ended up liking this page a lot, and the design for the giant knight guy

his name is Lord Armor by the way, and his snake assistant is called Zector

yeah this will all be explained in the next chapter
November 5th, 2018
Axor Redux on it's way
I really really hate this page, on paper i had this cool idea he throws the bull into the rhino but uh kind of hard to do i did my best but even then I think it still came out badly

anyway Big news, Im gona finish this chapter and then what happens next to Axor is
almost a total revamp

im no sure if i should continue here or make a whole new site dedicated for it here, but yeah a lot of what Ive drawn for it so far looks awesome to me, i just need to figure out coloring and photoshop ect

but please enjoy :)
Fuck i might just stick to bold black outlines idk i don't dig what i did before
dont stop man, your arts sooo GOOD
@Bill : yeah
how many months did i take on this page

well anyway, i used somee photoshop techniques ti paint it

i used dark colors to outline colored things instead of just black, i added line details in clothes and even SHADOWS using opacity

page is too simple im gona try to get nuts on Page 10!
the 3 collectors are characters i drew in notebook sketches and had no where to go
February 11th, 2017
Probably my worse page and the one i took longest working on solely because i fucked up with photoshop, i now know how to do big panels with more characters and ect

im sorry for having you all wait so long
behold some BACKSTORY