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It is I, frenchiest fry, fresh out of the pan here to give you some SPICE
A ruski artist who is just here for the laughs and giggles
I'm working on my Cammy's Pokemon Silver Nuzlocke, a nuzlocke-based comic which started out more as a documentary comic and ended up as something of its own.
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Hey, I'm out of college and it's time to update our man Bart
@IconicAnemone: We'll see, it'll be revealed soon enough :)
Bart is longer
Decided to take a step forward and made the page a bit longer. Might stick to this format instead of the classic A4 one as I really need to put more jokes in.
Bart is back!
And he's ready to get scared away by creepy old men!
I'm currently still working on writing but hopefully this will get a more frequent update schedule! Also, miiiight increase the canvas size, too.
Yeah, I'm being a little bit slow on uploading these pages... anyways, I'll try to get some more done in the nearest future (lol as if)
Sorry for the short spam of pages, really trying to catch up to current pages on dA
Right before people claim that art style has changed; this was a page swap with amazing Jutopa, the creator of Jutopa's Blue Challenge (which ya'll should deffo check out: !!!)
More page swaps to be seen in the future so ya
Hi, nya'll, long time no see
Sorry it's taking this long to fix my old grammar mistakes, I'm still far from being perfect at English but I'm trying my absolute best. Please understand.
But I'll try to upload more fixed pages soon! I swear!
Bart is back
Every Sunday we are updating this, baby!
Hello, hello
Some of you probably know, I'm here trying to upload my 2016 Silver nuzlocke pages, but ya'know
It's hard to edit all of the pages so you might not get to see recent pages here in a while
In the mean time -- this is my newest comic which will be scheduled weekly (hopefully) and will be just a side comic

On dA:
Nuzlocke forums:
@Mystic Fire: For a first rookie battle, yeah
a bit tooooo intense
@Xindage: Barbie can do it with the power of friendship and belief! We believe in her!
@Xindage: A bit late on replying, but thanks!
The ebic to be continued.......
Had to heavily edit this one and put in 4 parts.
So yea, there's that.
Boy, lemme tell ya how I had no clue what I was doing nor writing back then.
Good times.
@MR Paint: Oh trust me, it does. What I can say, I've gotten better for those two years lmao
@Starmanfan: Damn, love Camcam's Bizarre Adventures