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I love to draw and write and create characters. My other hobbies are web surfing, gaming, and learning science.
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Thanks Warlife (on the last page). Tsu *is* cute :D
YAY! Volume 2! You'll see a kind of flip-flop/sudden change(s) this volume because she worked on it off and on, I believe, and then her art style starts to improve. Tomorrow a note from her (Ryuu) will go up (don't have time now).

This cover was going to be totally inverted but I liked the original drawing so here's the result :)
Yay! I think this is our first fanart [that I remember]! *happy dance*

Be sure to check out Mika_yi's comics, like Nemution Jewel.
I'm not quite sure what they're talking about now... I hope I didn't miss a page. But this is the last one of the volume!! WHOOT!

By the way, the last panel is Malik if you didn't figure it out, and it's newer art.
Hehe, that's cute!

Pie! Yum!
Just... man. This page was really scruffy. Looks like another one that got left out and rubbed continuously. This actually looks much better than before. Unforunately! But oh well, one more page and then this section is OVER! Yes!! Then it's newer art style and hopefully better inking! We still have to arrange that... (@_@)
"I do not like being edible." Lol, that's the best quote ever. (^_^) I think she should see how the guy is before she decides she doesn't want to help. (I like Teddy, he's adorable! I guess before he murders people XD)

Gah, accidents suck, so hope your arm heals all better if it hasn't already. GL on the move, too.
That is an awesome effect! Ooooo~.
Tsu's blood is stinky! Lol, no, Tsumu's race can just smell really well... I guess. (O_O)

I think even Anita forgets she's a vampire sometimes. XP

And Jack is trying to wrap his head around the situation. It's not that he's stupid, he's just never been in such a situation before.
And there he finally goes. We find out that she's somehow aligned with Malik. That's not good.

Sorry, I should have updated yesterday. I'm sidetracked because I'm coloring a (previous) page as a kind of filler. However, I'll probably meet up with Ryuu at the end of this week and get Volume 2. (^_^)
I took Jenario's profile picture, made a black background, and put on the words. Violah! a cover is born. Ryuu wasn't sure where the real cover went, so unless we find it later this will be it. :)
I'm glad! I'm so proud of him! (^_^)
Still looking good! :)

Hmm, so his brother or someone disappeared? (O_O)
I apologize for the inconsistency of this page. It was done in charcoal, but I got lazy and Ryuu did part of it. That was awhile ago, though. It was mainly uncertainty on how to shade. I still can't shade... I did a good job on what I did, though. :)
Yay, my first character to enter the scene! It's Cynthia! She's albino, and a ninja.
That second panel was done a lot more recently than the original page. It's more of Dark Ryuu's current style. So you get a peek at how Volume 2 will look XD
Dark Ryuu's shading :)
Done in Photoshop by me, X Daggers. Lineart by Ryuu of course. Sorry that it's kind of weird, it was back when I had no idea what I was doing.
ROFL, that rocks. He's so out of it... You spelled 'wasting' wrong btw. :)
X Daggers
March 24th, 2006
Aw this is a cool comic so far. I'm very interested... And I'll be back :)