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Vanilla The Witch
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A a a a a I LOVE IT
Drawing this was a big yikes, and looking at this is still a yikes

I love my job
@Guest: I think the story is very interesting how it is rn. I find it refreshing compared to the usual love stories in here, with so much angst and drama you just wanna throw your laptop out the window. Sometimes it's nice to take a break and read sth that's calm, soft, fluffy, cute, wholesome
@SemeSadique: oh, j'comprends. Traduire de l'anglais au français est dur aussi, alors eh, faudrait pas trop se brûler.

J'espère voir plus de contenu bientôt, mais pas de pression, prenez votre temps ^-^
Honestly, as a frenchie from Québec, I'd be down to read this in french too lmao, I find it more aesthetically pleasing to read french (don't have to if u don't want to)
Still not very happy with it, as it was done in very early 2019. I'll probably be making final character sheets for OB-7 and a few other characters later on, idk when tho
I started writing a bit more info. I did this another time after, as I wasn't happy with the art yet
Just a lil sketch. Jane looks different on there, because I still wasn't set on what exactly her design would be
Yikes, I feel bad for OB-7, being stuck with Jane
As stated previously, I changed their designs a lil :3
Did this a few months ago. Planned to keep going, but lost motivation
Might make some changes to it later, idk yet
This is the banner I drew for the Tapas page (where the story is posted)
Just a quick emotion doodle
I actually drew this AFTER writing the scene lmao. I should draw it again...
Another idea I had was that OB-7 would've been very upfront and hot-headed, and been very rebellious from the starts, being the one to convert Pat into it. Scrapped that idea, as I felt it'd be more interesting that Pat would find his path on his own without much outside help.
OB-7 wasn't actually supposed to have seen humans before, and I toyed a lot with his personality before finding sth I liked (he ended up being Pat's Gemoid, for years, his personality submissive, scared, obedient, quiet, yet a bit curious)
The hat and joint protectors are only worn for Gemoids who do tasks that could hurt them, usually in factories or mines