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Vanilla The Witch
I'm a weirdo who likes memes and sucks at drawing comics properly.

Also I can't color for crap so all my comics are in black and white.

Je suis une personne bizarre qui aime les "memes" et n'est pas capable de dessiner des BDs correctement.

Aussi, je suis incapable de colorier, donc toutes mes BDs sont en noir et blanc.
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Heeeyyyyy, de retour enfin! Désolé pour l'attente, mais j'ai eu quelques petits... Imprévus. Mais je vais essayer de publier comme d'habitude.
Oooh, whaaat's going on? We'll find out next time!
Wow nice handling of a serious topic, past me. *Facepalm* (this is so bad it hurts me physically...)
No but seriously, I'll make a chapter (or multiple) to talk more in detail about Jenny, Tawfiq and Keeva's past, because the way it was talked about here is pretty badly written and executed.
I made art for Halloween, if any of you want to see it, you can go on the official FB page:
or my DeviantArt page:
Aha!!! Ne vous inquiétez pas, mesdames et messieurs, je suis toujours vivante! J'ai juste... Un peu oublié de publier de nouvelles pages! Désolé fois l'infini, je me sens vraiment mal!!!
Dun dun dun!!!! What's happening?? You'll know this tommorow!
When you realize that you didn't upload two pages and the story doesn't make sense anymore
See kids? This is what happens when you try to keep a constant uploading rate during school: you forget pages and potentially ruin the story.
That's it, I hate that girl.
Aaaaah, guess who"s back...
Hey, would you look at that! I made new and improved character sheets!! Yay!!
Jenny, please stop. We all know you're no gonna win...
The Mind Realm: the accessible part of someone's brain, used to store memories and emotions. In it, the people's appearances change, going to the time where they were the happiest. The reason why this happens is a mystery, although some think that it's to stabilize the mind and have less risks of falling apart.
Ooh, Jenny what are you doing...
Wait... couldn't the others see her nose?
Oooh, what's going on?