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I hope Taylor isn't out yet.
not bad I suppose but you got the speech bubbles mixed up its better if every pannel your reading left to right
nicely done
there wasnt anything particually funny here but still atleast they won for the first time
Random but oh so funny
Not bad pretty funny

And It does count as breaking the 4th wall a bit but not to much
very random however funny
Very Good And For MS Paint The Art Is Great
November 19th, 2007
Oh Yeah
November 19th, 2007
Pat and emotion WTF?
They're aren't many sonic comic series I like so well done, I'm enjoying this one.

Oh yeah and I believe it was supposed to be should not sould?
Good Art
Thank You For Pointing Out The Obvious Of Pokemon Games. Seriously People Its Like Every 2 Years Or So We Get So Hyped Up About Playing The Same Game, Doing The Same Things All Over Again Except The Game Disc Or Card Or Whatever Might Have A Different Picture On It