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Taiwanese-American Buddhist writer/artist guy.
Page 21! We're halfway through the chapter!

This is Tjara! If you've read my previous comic, you might recognize her. Her name has only changed slightly.
A new character! We'll learn her name on the next page.
New character! Her full name will be revealed in a couple of pages.
The second panel on this page was a nightmare. It took multiple days of work because I didn't want to do it all at once, and I'm still not that satisfied with it.
Aaand this is one page where I finished the bottom panel pretty early on, and the top panel...on March 30th.

This is the point where I started inking pages relatively out of order, so if things look slightly inconsistent from page to page, that's why.
I actually posted the pencils vs. inks of this page all the way back in December 2018 on my Pillowfort! It's changed a little bit since then, but not much.

And yes, this page was completed back in December. That's how much of a buffer I have.
I think this is the first page where I put in any Rennukat - the language spoken in this setting.
This is another one of those pages where I had a lot of fun drawing the expressions.
Another new character! This time it's Veitlen's Uncle Ellis. And he's actually addressed by name.
And here we are introduced to Veitlen's aunt! I don't think I ever mentioned her name anywhere in this chapter - it's Asha.

Also, Veitlen and Kallinu have been added to the Characters page!
I was really proud of Veitlen's expression on the first page when I first drew it. I'm actually still pretty fond of it.
Here he is. One of our two protagonists: Veitlen.

The character page will be updated sometime later today with his character profile!
A new character, who you may have seen if you've been following my social media. No names yet, though!
Chapter 1 begins! With a view of a house.
Chapter 1 begins!

This is the longest chapter I have scripted - it's 46 pages plus this title page, and I may end up doing a bonus info page at the end.
And there we have it! The last page of the prologue.

Chapter 1 will start next Tuesday, March 5th.
It's the second-to-past page of the prologue! Thursday's page will explain some of the history of the world.
This page is half-new, half old. The bottom panel was drawn in July or so and the top one was drawn in October.
And finally we learn this character's name! Well, part of it, anyway.
Another page I couldn't reuse panels from. Also, the speech changed quite a bit from first to final draft.