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Taiwanese-American Buddhist writer/artist guy.
It was pretty fun to play around with shadows here.
I am actually really proud of the shading I did on the first panel!

Also, red!
Almost forgot to upload this page, whoops!
One of the (obvious) benefits of drawing more than 2 panels per page is that the story moves along faster. This page (and all the other pages in this chapter) were originally 2-3 pages.
And here it is, the beginning of chapter 3!

There are going to be some differences in this chapter compared to the previous two. First, it's in color! I am using the same color scheme that you can see here on the cover page. Second, there are more than two panels per page. Also, this chapter is only 14 pages long, including the cover page.

See you on Thursday!
And that's it for this chapter! Only 12 pages, including the cover.

Regardless, I'm still going to take a break. Chapter 3 will start (hopefully) on Tuesday, October 1. Until then!
This is actually one of the first pages I drew in this chapter!
Nymue, hm?
Still no good way to draw fire! At least not with inks.
Fire...I have no good idea how to draw it. :/
Nothing much to say today...
Yep, reused panel.
It took me quite a while to figure out how I was going to draw this demons. I'm still not quite satisfied with its design, but it still looks better than in its first iteration.
I was dreading drawing this bird.
And then I looked up a bird reference, and sketched out the bird, and inked it, doesn't look bad at all.
More foliage! Drawing foliage is super fun.
This was the chapter where I discovered that I really like drawing foliage.
The break is over and chapter 2 starts!
I've had a pretty nice break - I finished drawing chapter 2 on August 2nd, I edited a few chapters of the script, and I finished thumbnailing out all of chapter 4! I'm now working on the pencils for chapter 3.
Anyway, this chapter is going to introduce a completely new character - Morgaine! Although...I don't think I ever mention her name anywhere...
And now you all get to see what the country looks like and where everything is. Please let me know if the text is too small or unreadable.

I'm going to be taking a 1.5 week break! Chapter 2 will start on August 13th.
Nymue never did get told Kallinu's name, after all.

This is the last real page of the chapter! I originally had a sequence of the three of them walking around the city, but it wasn't actually very necessary in the grand scheme of things.

The next page is an infopage!
And here's that re-used panel I was talking about on page 38.