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Taiwanese-American Buddhist writer/artist guy.
They all went to a boba place. Also, I reuse this panel on one more page.
So the top panel here turned out a lot better than I thought it would! I was having trouble with the sketch (and Veitlen was gesturing differently originally) so I'm pleasantly surprised it turned out so well.

Also, I turn 25 years old today!
Nothing really to say today...
Veitlen's pose in the first panel was something I was having trouble with in the sketch. And then when it came time to ink didn't turn out bad at all? Weird stuff.
Thus begins the silly Veitlen faces - and they last until the end of the chapter, too.
Nothing much to say here today....
I had a hard time figuring out how I'd show the chalk being erased...until I decided to use CSP's oil brush. That works pretty well!
And she finally appears!
I'm not sure if it was this page or the previous page, but I discovered at some point that I actually really enjoy drawing food.
This top took forever to draw. I procrastinated on it so much that I ended up finishing the following 5.5 pages before I finished this page.
And another character from The Gate at the End of the World: Brithan!

Veitlen's technically also from The Gate at the End of the World, but he wasn't ever named. He was the guy in the prologue.
"Kyrin nas" is Rennukat for "not present" or "not here".
Nymue? The person from the comic summary?
Lots of characters introduced on this page!

Kallinu & Ren's names haven't changed at all since The Gate at the End of the World. Hakirin's name just lost some accents.
Hm, I wonder who's missing?
Page 21! We're halfway through the chapter!

This is Tjara! If you've read my previous comic, you might recognize her. Her name has only changed slightly.
A new character! We'll learn her name on the next page.
New character! Her full name will be revealed in a couple of pages.
The second panel on this page was a nightmare. It took multiple days of work because I didn't want to do it all at once, and I'm still not that satisfied with it.
Aaand this is one page where I finished the bottom panel pretty early on, and the top panel...on March 30th.

This is the point where I started inking pages relatively out of order, so if things look slightly inconsistent from page to page, that's why.