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- age 18
- female
- reading
- writing
- James Bond
- witty dialogue
- character depth
- Doctor Who
- swimming
- yaoi/yuri/hentai
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It's made of so much awesome that it's perfectly allright!

Your facial expressions always make me giggle~ Poor Skye!

Your characters are just so awesome!
I read that if a cat falls out of a window on the 8th floor of a building they'll die. But if they fall out of a 20th floor window they'll live because they have enough time to prepare for the blow!
I am just in love with the character of Ebony....he's such a unique protagonist (kinda) that I can't get enough!
Keep up the good work!
the english version is just...bad...just...awful bad...
japanese okay
but i enjoy seeing it made fun of, there are too many...bad fans out there...fangirls...that need a good kick in the ass!
funny comic!
poor Clank....we feel for him..
...*secretly still downloads the show but doesn't watch it anymore because the english dub has ruined it for her*...

XD this comic was funny though~ made me laugh!
lmao! awesome!
Damn you Dr. Mario! I thought for sure that we had him there...
C.Cola is amazingly good...I admit.
I found this comic very amusing~ It made me laugh~
*thumbs up* keep up the good work!
that's priceless humour there!
... oh the magic of BL...Midnight had never thought of his brother that way the magic of the shall now come to pass!

Tis magic!
This collaboration is, in my opinion, the best one on Smackjeeves. Vivid and funny characters that connect with the audience~ Awesome!
Claor = the sex!

*melts into puddle*
*chokes on tea*

my goodness ike that's a VERY blunt question! *cough cough*
but it gained such a cute reaction from Bo~
OMG this comic is so awesome!!

*sits and patiently waits for more*

okay...maybe I'm not so patiently waiting...XD
ewwwwwwww~~ (lawl)