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Bird fan, an almost artist, always covered in chocolate.

Illustrator for Office Hours
I'd be careful where I'd wipe that mysterious brew if I were him...
Hello! Look at us, back at it again with a new page!
Just a quick heads up; next update may have a new design on these losers (if I find the time between uni work and living stuff) so don't threat if they may look different next time you see 'em!
We wish you all a nice weekend, thank you for reading!
@Okami_117: It's one of the ones who were chasing Rob. :)
@AndreTheLugia: Haha yeah! Gotta have some of that sweet parallel storytelling!
Hey guys! It's finally Friday and that means we're back at it with another page!
Just to clarify (since it's been a year since we posted the first pages of chapter 1) this page is set right after Rob escapes from his realm, and you're about to see what happened in his old world after he left.
@Quillpen: Haha yup, just walking out of there all smooth!

Thank you! We hope you'll enjoy the rest! :D
@Mostly Mad Hatter: Thank you, we hope you'll enjoy the ride! :D
Today is a double update so make sure you didn't miss the previous page!
This is the end of chapter 1! We've made it past one chapter, wooh us! :D
We'd like to thank all of you who's reading and who's giving us encouragement/feedback in the comments - you mean the world to us! We'd also like to thank our Patron, thank you so much for believing in us and supporting us!
We have a lot in store for this comic and are looking forward to share it with you! Thank you so much for reading! <3
Today is a double update so make sure you don't miss the next page!
We're really sorry for our (unintentional) hiatus, but now we're back! We're really excited about all the things we have in store for this comic, and it's such a shame our schedules haven't allowed any time for it until now!
Thank you so much for being patient and thank you for reading! <3
March 19th, 2018
Yes, go to the murder house in the middle of nowhere. :)
His daughter is so done. I love it!
February 25th, 2018
@Sakura5Kagure: Haha, maybe he just took a while to get changed, t-shirts can be tricky.
February 25th, 2018
@ZSnazzy: Always be polite, even after you've just murdered someone! :)
@JazzminGamo: They get scared too, occasionally.
I feel better about the slimes now, even with the whole "merge into one and give you a slow and painful death". c:
Noooo, the slimes...! ;^; </3
February 20th, 2018
She's so pretty...! ;v;
Hey, hope you'll have a good trip! c: Everyone will be eagerly waiting for you when you get back. <3
February 14th, 2018
Haha I already feel like that one person who'll comment on most pages of this.... but I just adore this comic so much. <3 thank you for the lovely work.
Don't worry about late pages! Looking forward to what's in store, I really love this! :)