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I'll be waiting <3
I hope you can comeback, this comic is the only reason I still enter Smackjeeves. Adoro a Aiden *-*
Now following you on Webtoons...
greetings from Mexico n_n
Am I the only one who thinks those girls are a yuri version of Hendix and Julian...?
Moving to tapas, webtoons or whaterver I´ll keep following your comic <3
It's been a year since I creted my account and started following your comic :O
Congrats :D
they're both rude and funny :P
I finally found your comic on Tapastic *-* I don't know why I couldn`t before :I
April 7th, 2017
Nice bakcground <3
Your efforts on it woth it!
PD. I love your comic and the characters are adorable c:
Happy New Year!
Hi! I'm learning chinese so its cool to see something I know :P BTW I just started reading your comic & I really like your art style. Keep up the good work & greetings from Mexico!
<3 your comics
I've been reading Insomnia since it started & just found this today, keep up the good work!