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    Esat Braveboy (i know my last name weird)
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"how dare u harass an animal naive prolly 7 year old child. u will be CURSED WITH THE DEATH OF ANIMALS YOU BOND WITH" aight victini. sure.
sounds like pikachu never had a family to me
@Batz: tis unquestionably one of darcy's many techniques to train her body and mind to be at peak acuity and power.
uh-oh. we got someone with #1 fan syndrome. she has to spend life making him dial everything back. poor lady
I hope those are strictly mental, chemical, and physics-based experiments or ya boi bout to be wicked uncomfortable
Wuh-oh. Somebody set up the villian/deus-ex machina of this or the next arc.
@Guest: "letting" is a strong word. He's disregarding that George is following
This takes me back to my friends and I in highschool. Just beating the shit out of each other and then going to get lunch
how you gon give the character an air of ancient wisdom and self-control and battle-hardiness and then make her somebody's overcompensating little sister
i guess we technically getting all the badges, in spirit at least.
@Anon: that's improbable and hopefully impossible
good older brother move, slipping it in that you know but dont wanna admit to caring
@Guest: slap it with the non-binary sticker and never think about it again
@Jason: masterful composition
February 26th, 2019
I lowkey don't understand why he's refusing to acknowledge how often they'll have to move around. Either death or move everything few months.