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on my birthday i get a reminder of the struggle of working at stairbacks. yay me.
this is incredibly accurate to my childhood. except there were more rocks involved, and more bleeding.
@Ajoxer: i was waiting for someone to say it
ah yes. i remember when i was like him...wait. no i dont. i never stopped watching minecraft videos.
if its a bright day where people are playing sports i'd think that flat colors would fit the rarity of shadows appearing
whoa man. cum chick's gonna die. also, izzy is in danger.
fucking yes thank you doctor. my dose of ironic tragedy has been working
@bluefiredragon: *turns into samurott* hHUZ TOUCHIN DUH CHAYAL
nah. im batmaning this. sumn aint right rn.
i love the adorable crobat. #favepokemon
ahhhh. like with the names of timmy's parents. I like it.
@RazorD9: so basically a reversal of doctor doom
ABEL I KNOW THAT YOU'RE WORKING TO GET WATER BITCH (if you read all of this comic you'll know) OUT OF JAIL AND GET ATTY ARRESTED AFTER BEING DECIMATED AT A GYM!!!!!! It wont work. Or at least not for long if it does. Because Dragonthing Charizard Ex Machina
as a fellow artist of nuzlocke (i lost my latest run so its not going up) i understand the struggle of coloring.
my favorite thing will be if the left half of his body becomes progressively more cybernetic.
shoulder shots usually pass straight through or, if lodged in there, aren't fatal