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    Esat Braveboy (i know my last name weird)
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August 10th, 2019
What de blush meeeaaann?? I dont like to assume but WHAT DE BLUSH MEAAAAAN? (I'm still thinking it's just weird anxiety about people appreciating your art)
shit this was me at staples after like a month. dang. at least my coworkers are cool.
ganondorf said "mercy and forgiveness bc of weakness of will is wack" and ill drink to that
i cant tell if the blush on 65 from hearing kalo likes seeing his art is a quiet crush moment or just the maddeningly relatable emotion of "fuck fuck this is basically a portrait of u, please like it oh shit please think its decent, i need this"
The bear head squinting along with noah as he pulls is a detail that is deeply important to me now that ive noticed it
mate ye fecking JOJOed. thats gonna get ye more readers
gotta love that bunker continues to make me feel unnerved even in human form
Cat-centaur be like: Dad, the Second!
One of Pippo's heads seems...out of it, yknow?
Doctor, this is too much concentrated niceness. The patient cant handle the withdrawal that will be caused by you explaining how this nice found family situation goes to hell.
"how dare u harass an animal naive prolly 7 year old child. u will be CURSED WITH THE DEATH OF ANIMALS YOU BOND WITH" aight victini. sure.
sounds like pikachu never had a family to me
@Batz: tis unquestionably one of darcy's many techniques to train her body and mind to be at peak acuity and power.
uh-oh. we got someone with #1 fan syndrome. she has to spend life making him dial everything back. poor lady
I hope those are strictly mental, chemical, and physics-based experiments or ya boi bout to be wicked uncomfortable
Wuh-oh. Somebody set up the villian/deus-ex machina of this or the next arc.