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Yaaay Assistance be a hap!
@Fyrzo: Heck you're right. Whoops :P
o3o is the lady calling out assistant's name? Is her name Amanda or something similar? mY CURIOSITY IS PEAKED
CQ stop tearing our hearts out and sending them through the wood chipper plz ;-;
What it feels like to chew 5 Gum
*insert Assistant's face in last pannel here*
@gamersfolly: *cannot unsee it*
I want to hug smol harold he's so cute and innocent pROTECT THE SMOL BEAN AT ALL COSTS
Nooo my heart ;-;
Whoo you're a mean-lean-comic-making machine this week! Amazing work! :D
Yaaaayyyy! All the updates! :D
Wow Indigo is better at getting dates than me.