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What I like is the Pokémon comin "It's A Hard Life." It's incredible, so if the creator is reading this, please, for the love of god, keep working on the comic! I made this friggin' account for the sole purpose of telling the creator this message. I probably will never use this account again. But please, PLEASE, pick up working on the comic! You've left me at a cliffhanger!
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Aww, this comic is just genuinely sweet.
I’m just imagining papyrus watching the news tomorrow “In a shocking turn of events, Queen Toriel murders King Asgore in cold blood after the reveal of the new memorial to the six fallen children.” Papyrus stands up, turns away from the TV, and says “I’m glad she took my teachings to heart.l
God, I love this webcomic.
In the bottom panels, the doctor looks like a character from Charlie Brown.
The plot thickens.
How long has it been since the last update? I can’t remember.
It’s been a while since the latest update.
Cameo Idea
I have an idea. Just make a bipedal yellow pig-like creature with orange markings perpendicularly along its head and torso. Make it a bit chubby. That's it. I'm fine with this creature just being in the background talking to someone. That's cool. Thanks!
@PJSam: It appears so, Pajama Sam. It appears so.
@SkunkWitch: they established that during his fight.
The riolu is so cute.
...and all I can remember is HOLY SHIT!
The official cast form looks like a head with a giant butt hanging from its chin. I like this design much better.
@arnisd: yeah, maybe they are, but there is something very unsettling about a ralts having such long and human legs.
Q&A Question
Hey Sasha, I'm sorry if this is a bit personal, but whose death was hardest to deal with?
Possible Name
Hey, Japhin's monster needs a name. How about Cyloprimus?