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What I like is the Pokémon comin "It's A Hard Life." It's incredible, so if the creator is reading this, please, for the love of god, keep working on the comic! I made this friggin' account for the sole purpose of telling the creator this message. I probably will never use this account again. But please, PLEASE, pick up working on the comic! You've left me at a cliffhanger!
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Cameo Idea
I have an idea. Just make a bipedal yellow pig-like creature with orange markings perpendicularly along its head and torso. Make it a bit chubby. That's it. I'm fine with this creature just being in the background talking to someone. That's cool. Thanks!
@PJSam: It appears so, Pajama Sam. It appears so.
@SkunkWitch: they established that during his fight.
The riolu is so cute.
...and all I can remember is HOLY SHIT!
The official cast form looks like a head with a giant butt hanging from its chin. I like this design much better.
@arnisd: yeah, maybe they are, but there is something very unsettling about a ralts having such long and human legs.
Q&A Question
Hey Sasha, I'm sorry if this is a bit personal, but whose death was hardest to deal with?
Possible Name
Hey, Japhin's monster needs a name. How about Cyloprimus?
Possible Name?
I think that Japhin's Creature needs a name. How about... Cyloprimus?
Re:can so see it
@memes: sorry, I am still writing it even now. It is on a google doccument.
Well, congrats to you.
I'm writing an unofficial origin story for Kato. Do with that what you will.
Just a heads-up
@Qlock: I know you're done with this, but if you ever want to come back to this kind of thing in the future, you can always make a story that is a prequel to this one that's all about how Kato ended up crosding paths with robin.
A quick suggestion
@Qlock: hey, it's me again. The guy who kept giving you suggestions. Could you imagine if Gary's middle name was "assbag" "fucking" or "dickhead"? That would be something. Anyways, if you're not having as much fun with your comics, just keep in mind that it's probably not that you don't like doing it anymore, but rather that you're having trouble with schedule. Take a break for a while, or simply work on it when you feel like it. Nobody says you HAVE to have a deadline, it just helps organize things better. Remember: stress WILL get to you, and if not handled, can become a MAJOR problem. But, you can deal with this. You don't have to end the comic if you don't want to. But... if it really does have to come to that... please, type up your original plans as a movie script and post them elsewhere on the site. Many people will thank you, and that may give you back your inspiration to work on this. Keep up the good work!
P.S. Why is it that I always make these so long?
I've been waiting for this! Thank you, Qlock! Thank you so much! Hey, actually, did you read my massive thing at the bottom of 12:68? It has some suggestions, but they may not work now that Pluto's leaving. Pluto could feel guilty and go back to them when they get to the youth detention center and tell them it's the least he could do since he killed Jojjo and Swann. Then he could get them in by the way I suggested in my other post. I really hope you see this, Qlock!

P.S. You might want to update the characters thing here:
Please! Continue working on this!
@Qlock: I only made this account for one reason: to beg and plead that you keep making this comic. That just goes to show how passionately I feel about this. You've left it at a cliffhanger! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENS NEXT? Pardon my language, but please, for the love of all that is holy, no, for the love of all that is in AND ALL THAT ISN'T, PLEASE! KEEP WORKING ON THIS COMIC! This is the best, most dramatic, most suspenseful, most epic comic I have ever read! Hell, just yesterday I got up a full HOUR AND A HALF EARLIER than the rest of my family just to read this comic. Now I've gotten to this point, and I crave more. Please, continue working on the comic! If it's because of things going on in your life, that's fine. If it's because of a lack of ideas, that's fine, too, as I've got a few myself. Here's what you could do:

Have Pluto gradually gain everyone's trust partially by helping out to prove he's on their side and partially by Zager talking to them, but mostly Cotigo. Zager could say something like this: "Look, Pluto and I... we trained on the top of the mountain. If he wanted to escape, he could have. If he wanted to hurt or kill me, he could have done that as well. Hell, he could have just turned me down with training if he wanted to. And he could have done a lot of other things, too. But he didn't. He didn't because that was never his intention. To bring harm to me. To bring harm to Jojjo or Swann. To bring harm to any of us. He is truly sorry for what he did. He thought he was doing the right thing. And we're no different. Cotigo, you thought you were doing the right thing by rescuing those Pokémon at the restaurant. It ended up costing Jojjo her wings. I thought I was doing the right thing by becoming a jolteon, but that clearly didn't end well for Pluto OR Kato. So please, just trust me. I would know the best of any of us. He's on our side." Then, Puck could tell everyone that he knows the general direction they took away Robin in, as he watched it happen, but couldn't do anything about it as he was in the water at the bottom of the cliff. They could find tire tracks, and they could follow them to the prison where Robin's being held. Pluto uses Puck, Kato, Zager, Bimm and Cotigo's pokéballs to get them in the barred window, and uses his own police status to get to the bars and unlock the door. They then make a mad dash for the door, and that's all I've got right now.

P.S. Sorry I made this so long ¯\_(ツ)_/¯