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Yes, the huge Raven man is TOTALLY distracted completely! It's not like you are strapped to him at all! Lol
That is the face of Death. You may have seen it before, Taavi. Good luck soldier! I have little faith in you!
"It speaks English?"

Yes, how fascinating. I think I will just leave that tid bit of info there and I don't know....RUN!

Cruel Maybe
@rueleer: Yea probably, but that's like if I had a roommate and they kept spreading their shit to my side. X3
Just No
Ugh I am so pisssed and sad for him and he doesn't even know yet. This hits right home for me, because I have people who I cared for that committed suicide. I would feel like complete shit if this happened to me. TT^TT

Well yes, but it also brought up good memories. So, don't worry love. I am healed and in a good place now. <(^_\\)7
@aniaXDpolska: Right!? I just want to clean the water off for them. Wearing glasses and having rain on the lenses are so disorienting. But, the artwork is so beautiful and precise to so i am torn. <(^_\\)7
That's great!
@carbonatedking: No problem! lol I think it's great. I was just so happy to see it here because it's so rare to see that in most romantic stories I read. <(^_\\)7
That asking for consent was cute and awesome.
Those legs though. I really like your art style and your characters seem very natural and real. <(^_\\)7
I sense a smack in the future.
xD "Fucking told you" That's great I have a feeling that if I was to try to approach someone that would be my friends' reactions.
March 22nd, 2017
That's right, Grey! YOu take your fine self back to Mel! GO back to the light n sweet instead of the dark n freak!
March 19th, 2017
That's right! He's not like you! He is a cuddly and warm cinnamon bun!

Him: "They were yours anyways"
ME: You jackass! I would throw them at you too! lol
The art style is really pretty and I love the line work. It actually reminds me of the Never Ending Nightmare game. (Which I loved btw)
Those eyebrows though!