I'm majorly against bullying because of my own experience. I'm really nice once you get to know me, still really aggressive tho. Most of the time I go by Karkat because Homestuck is one of the things I'm overly obsessed with. The things I like: Pokemon, Homestuck, Legacy of Discord, and Sylestia. If I'm not on Sylestia I might be on: Pokefarm, Pokemon legends, Homestuck, polycraft, Minecraft(don't judge), or some random site I found when I was Surfing the web. I usually go by Karkat or Karkles cause I'm a dedicated Homestuck fan. Luna is my RP (roleplay for those who are lost) name and oc. She totally op and will be featured in the webcomics I make if and when I decide I'm not lazy XD. T.S.S.V.A.M.B.D is literally just empty right now because SOMEONE *cough*LYNCSIS*cough* is too lazy to start the art. If I make a comic of my own, the characters will most likely be animal or Pokemon because I can't draw people, even if it would save my life. For more information on comics check out Lyn's and my website/blog that follows our stupid lives in middle school and anything else requested at:

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@NellyOnly: huh, interesting.
@NellyOnly: So you have to drive to Skovde? That sounds like a pain in the ass lol
@NellyOnly: me too! I use Micheal X3 Micheal: well thanks -_-
Jules is scary as fuck sometimes. XD
When ever I get a shitty hair cut- Friends: WOW LUNA, YOU LOOK SOOOO GREAT... no, no, your hair sucks :/
Gay ships always crumble. XD
Timothy's name interrupts every fantasy XD
@NellyOnly: I won't remember either XD.
@NellyOnly: I personally think that introducing key characters to a story is a really great idea. It helps the suspense build up until someone who can explain everything comes along, or almost everything.
@NellyOnly: I'm very excited to see who this woman is.
@NellyOnly: True, but they don't know my pain of forever needing to wear glasses.
@NellyOnly: Everyone in my family has glasses for some reason, mainly for driving.
@NellyOnly: Your very lucky to not have glasses. XD
@NellyOnly: Your welcome XD

I always drop my glasses too, even though I had them fitted. It's a major pain in the ass.
@NellyOnly: The smiley face is also in panel 1, but squashed.

I want to take a moment to appreciate how big his nose is, too. XD

I also noticed something, in the last panel, there's a smiley face on his suit. :3
My reaction when comics begin being colored: OMG WHAT IS THAT?!?!!? COULD IT BE...... COLOR!!! XD
@NellyOnly: maybe, I'll try that, on my extra pair, tester. XD
@NellyOnly: How'd you get run over by a car?!