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I like Anime and vid games... what else is there to say?
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Whoa... Colt has black hair... I dunno why that's such a big realization, I thought of him as a brunette, now, he reminds me of L from DeathnoteXD I still dun really like him... but he's... ok.
This is my fav so far.
@lickthecowhappy: I'm going to be using th sprites from gen 5 as referencesXD
@lickthecowhappy: Awesom, thanks^^ just thought I'd ask permission before doing it, just in case^^
Hey, would you be alright with me doing a similar idea(not from Memory, but from MS Paint) or joining the comic and doing it with you?
Aww:< well I can't wait for your new comic then^^
January 18th, 2012
First three panels
Alternate text?CX
Pepper: But Daddy, I-
Ken: NO! now go straight to your room young man!
Pepper: Yes daddy...

and then all of the lawls.
I love this comicXD
wow, she's ust... wow
@falling-from-flight: When I had a Zubat in my nuzlocke of Heart Gold, it evolved twice in Morty's gym. so yea, Crobat enjoys evolving as fast as it possibly can.
I am so in love with Creepy Elm, and just this comic in general, is there any way to Ultra Fav this???*looks for an Ultra-Fav button* no? OH well, I guess just a regular old fav will have to do, just know that this comic also has 1/3 of my love, I'd say all of it but I have a Boyfriend coming over today.
I have to say, this is an awesom comic, and I love your depictions of Ash and Gary, this is a great comic and I hope to see more in the near future.
Aww, Alder looks so adorable:3 you know, in a manly-champion kinda way. I like your Alder better then I like the real Alder, your Alder is all, 'I lieks you guys:3' and the real alder is all, 'HEY! Fight those little kids over there!:D'
I still think the characters should answer the questions, but just not in picture format, it'd still be cool to know the answers.
I love the quality of this comic, it's brilliantly beautiful and well written, I applaud your talent and commitment.*claps*:3
November 10th, 2011
Take care of yout own life first hun, we'll understand, please, feel better^^
You could always add in another character to have the Chikorita.
To Boomerang: Hey, steel types are awesom, so, how do you feel about steel types that AREN'T Bronzongs?

To Nobody: Do you honestly think the Audience will ever forget you? You're a cowboy Lumineon and you're certainly the coolest Lumineon I've ever seen.
@Hydra: Mew knows every pokemon move and actually DOES know transform.
backstory yes please?

He's so cute!