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It's too bad Derek is so naive. If he said less people would vote for Kade than Jenny in the finale I would have understood his intentions. However calling him helpful after the ring theft and just because of a single vote...

Derek will have enough time to think about this once his torch is extinguished. I'm glad Slash tried to reconcile both of them like I hoped he would but the result was pretty much predictable.

Even when Kade's back to his old self and back in court, there will be far less people taking him seriously. Sweet revenge, sweet indeed...
A really akward ending to a nice conversation... At least Josh did better than Freddy - his face didn't turn red.
As much as I love Raiza's confidence I fear we will see a nervous breakdown pretty soon. I still doubt the robosuit will stay intact after next immunity.

The next question would be how much the old memories affected Ollie's personality. While his murderous intentions are still there, it's probably too early for him to go on a rampage. However I fear it won't be a long postponement.
Heh I don't know which makes Kade look more silly at the moment - his sincere look or his superb head of hair. I really missed Jeannie's pranks like this one.

It's too bad Jenny is in a bad spot again after wasting her idol but at least Derek doesn't intend to get rid of her unless it's after a lost challenge. I have the feeling Kade is getting overconfident here. If he underestimated Derek's sportmanship then he probably underestimates other factors as well
A rock destroyed her last friendship and a rock ruins another day for our Youtuber. Poor Cutiecat, I hope she can at least get her hands on an idol during that exile.

So much conflict potential in the winner tribe and Ollie seperated from Jenny in the loser tribe... It should be interesting who Kade will want to side with and who will make the mistake of teaching Ollie some strategy.
Well, more screentime for the second personality within Derek I don't want to see. He's cool most of the time but a real bully once someone doesn't fit into his group of friends.

I'm rooting for Team Jenny since her only "mistake" was being herself and coming up with theories to complicated questions. I guess Derek has to leave first so the story can later focus on Ollie vs Jenny. Their conversation is probably foreshadowing enough that Ollie learns way faster than she expects.
Oh dear, CutieCat took this way more personal than I expected. Looks like she isn't used to real friends and hoped Jahira would be different. This better not change her attitude towards the other contestants drastically.

I wonder how long it will take Alfredo & Parmesan to switch the switch from "Nice" to "Bad". I actually love their team-up with Jeannie but I doubt she will appreciate their next plans in the same way.

On a sidenote: I guess the security bear still didn't recover from last season or it would be quieter in the losers lodge.
Heh, it's funny that Jeff didn't get hurt during the Iyzebel brawl but was punched today when he didn't expect it at all. I hope they are all proud of themselves for voting against two of the nicest characters this season. Jeannie was understandable because of her powers but I didn't expect any CutieCat votes.

Jahira was more emotional than Sylvia so it was a blessing in some situations and a burden in others. Her early formal warning wasn't her best impression but it's not like she wasn't willing to shake hands to settle a dispute. Too bad Jahira's strategizing was never crowned with sucess so losing her at this point of the game makes sense.

I hope CutieCat recovers from this unexpected betrayal, she didn't deserve it. The preview is promising. Could it be we lose either Jenny or Derek next time? Will Raiza lose her robo suit at immunity? There's no breathing time here...
Will it be Josh and his final wish or the duo Jeannie-Alfredo who make the difference this night? I think it's option 2 because it's no coincidence the doll spends some time without Parmesan for once.

I don't know what Josh could wish for but once Kade talks with Jeannie about their target there's someone else who might know then which real final wish has to be granted or who actually needs to play an idol tonight...
Kade sure fits into the villain role this season. It's impressive how much chaos he caused in a single round. Just like Vinnie he doesn't play the game to become sole survivor anymore but to be remembered and that's something the others can hardly take away from him now.

It's practically impossible to make a boot prediction. i'm looking forward to see who will follow Kade's suggestion and who will try to find a loophole in his plan.
So there's the strategy talk before immunity. It's funny how everyone is ready to go to rocks but only see Josh as the possible flipper.

This raises the chance that it will actually be another member who is tricked into voting differently like Ollie. It only seems certain that this won't be decided by rocks.
Well, it's refreshing to see a reward on a more personal level than some strategy talk. I guess Derek has to be thankful Josh picked Slash and not him or this feast would end pretty early with a blowup.
I kinda feel sorry for Raiza though. You have four nice people and a big feast next to you and you cannot enjoy it...
This will be a decision to regret, Derek practically invited Kade to the alliance instead of asking for some sort of pledge. In addition to that, was the campfire seriously the best place to talk about something as tricky as this?

Jahira doesn't cease to surprise me. While Ollie developed a really cheeky personality she learned to see him as an ally and is ready to apologize when wrong. I respect that
Picking Jenny for strategy talk makes sense to me but I hope Josh also considered the consequences of picking Derek's rival.

Question is: Who will dare to touch Raiza's robo suit? Kade for spreading more distrust, Jahira because she wants the suit gone so badly or Parmesan? I'm confident Raiza will be one angry mongoose once more when they return from that reward...
Neither Parmesan nor Alfredo handled that very well, they even put less research into understanding Raiza's personality than I expected. Escaping the situation in panic didn't help either.

About time someone questions the connection between the doll and Parmesan. I think Jeannie will just have to be admant that Parmesan is seperated from Alfredo during TribalCouncil. If she manages that the duo will finally get into a scrape.
Well, this was way smarter than trying to talk yourself into an alliance not long after your last lie. There was so much truth in Kade's last sentence I have to respect him for that strategy.
Now I'm just wondering if he talked Parmesan into doing something stupid with that or not. I think it's practically impossible to copy a personality like Raiza's.
What just happened...?

I guess what surprises me the most isn't the silly way Raiza got the attention she always wanted. It's more surprising that this actually calmed down Jahira and made her forget about their small feud. I guess there isn't anything we can't expect this season...
I got to enjoy this TribalCouncil far more than I expected. I noticed how Kade called Tony expendable before but I didn't expect to see another blindside against a character with an idol at hand.

I love how Tony's RealityShow knowledge still didn't prepare him for what has happened today. He definitely was a good representant of the FamilyGuy universe but his smug attitude got on my nerves in the course of time. Not sorry to see him leave for the loser's lodge.

Another detail I loved in today's comic: That Raiza shared the same seat as Josh and didn't intend to leave it. Lucky Josh, lucky indeed.

I'm interested in Kade's plan for the rest of the season. If he wants the others to trust him he will have to explain the ring theft first and a childhood story won't serve the purpose here...
Jahira's surprisingly calm before the vote but her plan is far from honourable. Voting against the messenger who warned you? Oh god, no. I hope not everyone presents intends to vote with Jahira or neither Kade's nor Josh's decision will really matter during the TribalCouncil.

There will be more drama than usual that's for sure...
This foreshadows another akward Tribal Council for Josh: If he votes the same way Raiza does he also agrees to vote with his nemesis Tony by doing that. If he doesn't do this, Raiza will hate him for not supporting her revenge plan.

I have no idea if it's Tribal Council time tomorrow or one more comic for more strategy talk but... I want Tony to lose his grin by the end of the day.
I can understand and rebuke both of them. Jahira's correct that the robo suit actually won the challenge since Raiza didn't touch the Bonsy herself. Then again... she shouldn't have lost her cool when even Jeff allowed the suit.

Derek's victory almost moved to the background but that was probably because I already expected him to be an immunity threat.

I guess this is Kade's lucky break because now I'm pretty sure Jahira will ruin the big plan...