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Although it's far too late trying to impress the jury I applaud Vinnie for confronting Sierra. His approach was far more effective than the others trying to reassure her.

Despite his winning streak I think Junior will lose to Doris since he seems overconfident. If anyone else than her wins then Junior becomes sole survivor. Neither Vinnie nor Sierra can prevent one of the other two to win the season but this shouldn't be a surprise anymore
Oh well, no surprising outcome but at least nothing close to a rampage.

Riley was easily the most likeable character this season. His Kopeii personality prevented him from being a one-sided character and despite being very timid he tried his best to comfort other contestants. It seems obvious to me SWSU didn't want him to be compared to Cherman afterwards because of his not so good challenge performance. He's still a winner

So our sole survivor will either be Doris or Junior, depending who wins final immunity. Vinnie can at least celebrate the fact that he made Final 4 again and Sierra... well, I want to forget she's still in the game
I'd hope Junior was right with his remark but there is a lot pointing to Riley leaving with an unthankful 5th place like many fan favourites.

I'm starting to wave goodbye to him as well but change to celebrating instead if for some reason he survives this.
Junior is surprisingly agile for a Koopa, I thought it would be head-to-head race with Sierra but he left the others no chance.

Vinnie has obviously prepared another mind game. Pretending to vote against Doris so she plays the idol but vote Riley instead since he is a jury threat. The question is if Kopeii agrees with that plan. Will Riley leave at the same point of the game as Ky? Yeah, this TC probably won't be for for the faint-hearted.
The way Sierra is handling this the others will just keep her till the finals as an "easy to beat" rival. She cannot finish the season with zero votes since Thorne will vote for her but everyone else has higher chances to become sole survivor.

If the upcoming night doesn't have the effect of a wake-up call then we should get used to gloomy Sierra throwing with random votes and... coconuts.
So now we even get a comic where Vinnie seems more likeable than Sierra...

I don't feel any sympathy for hypocrite Sierra. Doris and her alliance offered her a good spot in the alliance and as a thank you she was even willing to get rid of her in the second vote. Doris had no real reason to apologize apart from making a single not very heroic move.

I wonder how the others want to handle the Kopeii problem since they usually watched the muscle bros or Tialayla taking care of it. The last full moon will determine if the jury gets the chance to vote for him or not
The wrong sister left but it was pretty much inevitable after the first part of Tribal Council.

Although it was obvious from the beginning that Thorne had no chance to win this I was rooting for her and hope she could make the Final 3 as a personal victory. She often seemed to be as empathetic as a rock but this made her more interesting + she was pretty good at strategizing. Too bad she wanted to guarantee she'd be the one leaving first.

The seating arrangements are so fitting here. Sierra is totally left out and no one had a problem with Doris completing the deal with the devil. The next days will be very akward.
Did she really ask "What did I do?!"? Sierra has sucessfully burned so many bridges behind her it's not funny anymore. I expected her to act smarter this time but after helping to fill the jury with people who cannot stand her she might as well stop bothering.

It was great to have Tialayla back this season. I felt sorry for her when she couldn't catch a breath during her original season but she lasted a bit longer than I expected this time. Despite some cheeky moments I cannot say I didn't like the way she played the game. There is much truth in Vinnie's explanations, Tialayla really was a a threat this season and she would have deserved to get closer to the finals. At least she left with a smile.

Will Vinnie succeed in breaking up the last couple of the season? I think the only thing saving Thorne would be Sierra giving her the Luigi hat but I better stop expecting something like that...
Interesting how Vinnie dropped his revenge plan and counts on Thorne to manipulate Sierra once more. Since the preview mentioned that one survivor will go against the loved one I think that Sierra will vote against Vinnie since she'd lose too many jury votes if not doing that. I don't want to imagine she'd decide differently just to please her sister.

In case the twist really is a double boot either Tialayla or Throne will have to follow. I doubt Sierra can leave this TribalCouncil as a winner.
Heh, interesting how Bowser knew his son was responsible for the homerun. The special bond between father and son or just enough cameras in the losers lodge? The precision landing made it even more satisfying to watch.

Some other contestant performances were disappointing instead. Especially Doris obviously never watched a Smash Bros match and Vinnie keeps being the King Of Giving Up. Looks like Thorne's a goner unless Sierra saves her sister for once.
Uno... One of my favourite card games till today. I certainly didn't expect a relaxing filler comic that late in the season but I appreciate it.

Too bad Thorne missed the chance to form a counter-alliance but at least Riley can shine in something he's actually good at.
During some moments Tialayla seems really cheeky when being compared to the original Tialayla.

Then again this was perfect timing for a guilt trip and probably another hint that Sierra has to betray her sister if she wants to practice what she's preaching.

This will be the thoughest decision so far since she couldn't wear the Luigi hat without Thorne's help...
I'm not lying when I say I look forward to the battle Vinnie vs Thorne. There was no way those two would be allies until one of them is voted out.

I think Doris can pretty much allow herself to do a deal with the devil without asking herself too many questions. It's not like she cannot change her mind till Tribal Council...
Oh I love it so much that the Luigi hat beats the Mario hat in importance. Too bad it's our reward hoarder who got it. I hope Sierra values Thorne's help in one of the most annoying features I remember from the first Mario Party titles.

Hmm, now that I think of it... What if Sierra thinks of passing the hat to someone else at Tribal council? I know a double boot is still far more likely because of the numbers but this would be a more effective shocker.
Vinnie's blowup was necessary but the reconcilliation still a cool moment, too.

It's hard to tell what to think of Vinnie's new plan. On the one hand I care more about the other merge characters than Sierra but it's too bad Vinnie's next move will cost him Thorne's support. Even if they both faced the FTC every jury member so far and Sierra will either hate Vinnie or respect Thorne's game more. Oh well, it hurts to see Vinnie's focus on pure damage and not a real attempt to prevent ultimate defeat.
Oh well, Junior becomes more and more like his dad, what a crying shame. Not only did he waste his idol for personal grudges, Vinnie won't appreciate the second move.

Despite being too trusting, Damon didn't have any noticeable flaws and would have been a serious threat in the FTC voting. Just like the first season he will remain among my favourites by the end of the season.

It seems like the next round aims for Sierra doing her own thing and a double boot.
None of the sisters are main targets? How did this happen?

Sierra will vote with Junior because Vinnie has no chance in front of the jury while Damon could easily win this. However for Damon to leave Junior would have to play his idol on Vinnie. Could his thirst for revenge be so great that he'd give up his safety item? I have my problems to imagine that
So much for a possible plan to get rid of Doris' idol but I'm ok with that. I'm still surprised that Damon hasn't won immunity so far.

Even though we're at a point where every departure hurts somehow I'd still prefer to see both Thorne and Vinnie make it to the next round and get rid of Sierra. It's a small chance but still possible
Well, it's not like there weren't hints already that Thorne cares much more about Sierra. There was only that fear of losing her face which was pretty much taken away by the wine.

This sounds like a Thorne boot but I personally hope this ends like Vinnie's story as the caring father. He as well entered for someone else and he's still here
Too bad Junior and Doris don't get along at the moment but their little "talk" was still amusing.

This comic also proofs that Vinnie relys on Junior a bit too much. The little Koopa could have practically talked about anything but the plan. Doris' survival insticts are simply stronger than her mother insticts, too.