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Ok even though Junior is overconfident, Vinnie knows why he wants to trust him the most. This alliance is very bad news for Lake but if it weren't bad news for Brandi as well I'd totally celebrate it.

I wonder if Vinnie's plan actually includes the betrayal of Damon since it seems pretty much inevitable.
I prefered Thorne's previous look with the eyepatch. If she seriously spents the rest of the season with an x-like eye this will need some time to get used to. The situation doesn't convey the impression that the others are actually targeting Thorne.

Nice to know Bradley hasn't forgotten about Riley and still intends to keep him in the alliance. I am just surprised that Tialayla is so calm since her boyfriend might have easily be voted out as well. Maybe she shares a bond with him that's similar to Angelo's?
"best position of the entire game..." This is among the most naive statements I have seen so far in SFC. Even Brandi is more realistic than her dad and this at least raises my hopes that she forces Vinnie to change his revenge plan a bit.

Not that I wouldn't root for Vinnie but Brandi leaving before her dad would feel wrong after seeing how much she improved.
Nice work, Vinnie! Many of us already guessed it would come to this since Vinnie is too smart to punish Lake the simple way, he wants to make him suffer.

Too bad Eli left before Lake but I guess that was the right timing and he can definitely feel honoured to be taken out as a threat by a SFC legend. He was neither too annoying nor too powerful this season so thanks for having Eli as a more balanced contestant this time.

I wonder how Vinnie intends to survive the next rounds before the merge. He probably earned the respect of some survivors but without his idol he will have to descredit Lake because his rival still has the numbers. I'm confident though he only started with his master plan and will stay way longer than Lake wants him to.
Hehe, I like where this is going. It's close to impossible that Vinnie has given up, he wants all votes directed to him so he can take out his own target after playing the idol.

Now who will it be, Lake or Eli? It depends how much Vinnie enjoys taunting Lake because I doubt a simple Lake boot would be satisfying enough. Hmm, this will be very, very interesting...
I guess Lake is angry that Vinnie made the challenge throwing that obvious because it wasn't his plan to win anyway.

I am not so sure if this still becomes a Riley - Lake vote. It's unpredictable who the tribe members will blame here but I hope it ends with a Lake departure.
Funny how Lake blamed Brandi on Day 0 that she embarrassed her family last season but what will he say about his own game? Lake certainly is bad at explaining his reasons and saying what he was thinking about Rosella was the worst kind of honesty he could show Vinnie.

My only fear is that Eli loves jinxing situations. I hope the boot is still as obvious as it seems right now cause I cannot imagine Riley to leave next, no way.
So Sierra misses her chance to be in the big alliances just because she happens to be related to Thorne? Wow, that's harsh but it's no alliance set in stone.

Since Angelo's ego might prove to be a burden and Thornw won't accept leaving at a similar point of the game as last time a lot can happen. Till then the new Sarasa will win first immunity anyway.
@Tailslover13: Well that was pretty much my fault for not splitting up the word and causing that confusion. I corrected it now.

Anyway, I can guarantee I have no interest in a Riley boot at the moment and it probably won't happen anytime soon.
I hope this is Lake's boot episode, he's getting too smug this round. I facepalmed after his meeting where he immediately acted like a leader again. Where's the apology to Vinnie and why does he suggest throwing challenges to Junior who obviously hates losing? The fact that he planned Riley's departure when forming the tribes doesn't help either.

For once I'm ok with lies like Eli's as it gives Vinnie new motivation and may help to get rid of our grumpy lone wolf.
Angelo had problems with Iyzebel but he's in love with Thorne? He will definitely wish Damon would be around to stop him, even though he's no villain at the moment Angelo's ego prevents me from respecting him.

This is the comic of the hugs. Sierra's hug made me smirk more than Bradley's. Thorne tries so hard to resist it but I wouldn't be surprised if she is about to risk her own game for her sister from here on
This comic started with a good father-daughter conversation and then Lake ruined everything during the comic. I wouldn't call the tribes that balanced, the new Sarasa still has the advantage.

Doris will appreciate being reunited with Bradley but who's gonna stop Angelo and evil Riley now? Not only did Lake seperate them from their loved ones but he shouldn't expect Vinnie to shake his hand after losing Thorne and of course the Rosella vote.

I want to have Lake leave before Brandi so badly. Although it sucks to see her exiled, at least she's safe this round.
Well, I wonder what the first thing will be Lake has to say to his daughter. I don't expect an apology for underestimating the game but he and Brandi can probably agree on the composition of their new tribe.

I wouldn't be surprised if Angelo becomes the representative but he will probably delay the meeting by an hour. This isn't the thing that worries me though. I hope Vinnie gets a good reason to keep fighting because quitting would be the last thing I want to see from him.
Tialayla obviously needs to tie better knots.

While it's unusal we quickly go from the TribalCouncil tribe to one of the others seeing Riley's other personality is a bit more interesting than Brandi genuinely thanking Thorne which way very cool.

Eli and Sierra should be thankful it only took a single but precise hit to calm down evil Riley. I doubt it won't be that easy the next times he transforms. At least Tialayla's life cannot be boring with a boyfriend like that
They didn't pick her alibi to pieces, they literally tattered it.

Bonnie's idea wasn't stupid in the beginning because letting someone else take the first hit was quite clever. However she counted too much on the others having prejudices. Even though her downfall was settled when ending in a tribe full of returnees, even someone like Scott proved her disguise wasn't perfect. I'm glad they got rid of her at this point.

Now who might be the unlucky survivor? Maybe it's Riley who ends up in another tribe with Galaxie and Sarasa members who don't know about his secret? This would probably be much more dramatic than Tialayla.

As for the resolve. It pretty much sounds like Vinnie or Lake but I doubt any of the remaining survivors would quit at this point. They all got enough willpower.
Oh please don't let Bradley be a total fool. I already feared he'd suggest playing his idol on Bonnie but it seemed like a crazy thought to me as the idol was only meant for Doris. If he seriously saves Bonnie in the next comic Bradley might as well leave immediately afterwards cause this would be a major dent in his so far good image.

I like the temporary Brandi and Thorne team-up. Although I'm surprised Vinnie still had the old voting distribution in mind this alliance better lead to sucess. I want Bonnie to suffer her third and final defeat tomorrow.
A really cool challenge although it sure lacks some rules. Hard to believe that Thorne's advice to knock out Eli isn't punished at all. At least Bonnie couldn't profit from that and still lost besides deliberately hurting Tialayla.

While I wonder how Bradley would evaluate Angelo's skills as the caller I wonder what kind of varied training the muscle bros regularly go through. Damon's senses were even better than T's and it was no power challenge
I guess this is some insight Lake desperately needed if the father-daughter relationship is meant to continue after this season. Still if Tialayla is already inviting him to join why does he prefer to let the opportunity pass?

Oh well, now we definitely have two wolves in this tribe: Riley who will turn Tribal Council upside down and a lone wolf with a pink shirt who needs to work on his social game.
So many shiny eyes but Bowser Jr. has the best reason to show them. The first round after his father is eliminated and he already acts like a good strategizer. Junior won't waste the idol on revenge and he considered erasing his tracks too. I have really high hopes for him.

As for Angelo: Some questions are better left unanswered. I still have my problems with his attitude but I guess he was meant to polarize anyway
Well, in retrospect Bradley will call himself a fool for trusting "Sarah". I don't know if he just does it because his wife is friends with her or because he hopes to form a more solid alliance than last time. He won't place higher this way if this continues

Thorne acts smarter than him at the moment. She holds back doors open although there's still the danger she becomes a bit too reckless. Will she use Bonnie to take out Brandi first or crush her "accomplice" this round when she feels perfectly safe? This should be interesting...