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I already feared it wouldn't be simple if the leaders of both original tribes would be on a mixed tribe after the swap. Ernest's and Sagittaria's interests are obviously different but I have my problems with her willing to play the idol when she's no target. P. Body probably won't continue the immunity streak...
So basically she became what she hated the most but got famous with it. I still miss the Clarissa who defended Atlas against Lady Bit but can understand that she was sick of all the bullies Claire mentioned during the time she confronted Nayla.
Not surprised this duo won't work together but I wonder how long it will take Clarissa to realize....
Well, I guess only Kasai can get away with words and actions like these. Overconfidence shouldn't be a good thing but after seeing how Kasai made it to day 12 without hiding his true intentions I'm sure he knows very well what he's doing. In addition to that he must love being the swing vote
Haha, it seems like Frysk loves to motivate but I dunno if he can expect Yessi to survive that kind of training. She's no female Damon after all.

Funny how Nolaa is thinking aloud and Yessi still doesn't mind. Getting stronger won't really help here if she's still naive afterwards...
So I was right that the P. Body duos would get along but Kasai being stressed out is something you don't see every day. Looks like he cannot smile away everything.

I hope we get to know sooner what happened to Ria but I don't know if Sagittaria wants to know. Wouldn't this change her future unless everyone's memories get wiped after the season?
Besides having memory problems Atlas sure gets more and more confident every time we see him. It's pretty cool Shin is willing to work with him although he hates anything unpredictable.

As for Frysk... did he forget that his turret rampage started with an order by the "Crazy Aunt"? Since this can be used to anyone's advantage he should better pick the right people for a team-up.
It seems like there wasn't much to discuss after Nayla's departure, maybe because no one had to doubt the decision. The P. Body pairs will probably work together while I don't expect the same on the new Atlas tribe. Already feeling sorry for Yessi, she forgot the blindside on Day 7 and should hope Nolaa's main focus is on the rivalry with Clarissa.
Did this Tribal Council seriously end with everyone smiling? Yeah, this comes as a surprise but ends the Nayla story arc in a positive way.

It's a shame Nayla ended as an early boot. She had the right attitude for a survivor but wanted to rely on intimidation rather than real strategy. While I hated the way she acted after Claire's mistake I still liked her more than Kitsunie because what she did felt more like a defensive attitude.

Too bad there wasn't more time for improvement despite the upcoming tribe swap. Looking forward to see the first united pairs.
Well it's some sort of plan but... throwing your closest ally under the bus is the best she could come up with? If Nayla survived the vote because of that, she would be on her own without another tribe swap and it's nothing to be proud of either.

It still seems more realistic that Nayla leaves but I like to be proven wrong.
While he may not have as much as power as he would like as tribe leader I like Ernest and his personality a lot. He shows the empathy Clarissa and Frysk are missing right now although he saw E.T. as a boot option not long ago. I hope once the family visits are around the corner we get to know the person who helped Ernest start with his career
Well, this challenge sure had some very interesting moments. Nayla actually respected Ernest for once, Deimos showed his one of his powers to everyone and Frysk... well, I never expected him to see that agressive.

It was obvious Clarissa won't leave this round but I actually expected the P.Body tribe would still lose this immunity. Impressive challenge performance although I don't like that side of Clarissa.

Nayla seems to be the most likely boot option without allies and no real plan to survive the next rounds. However it would somehow feel wierd to lose her right after Kitsunie.
Those two earned quite a few more respect points in my eyes. No unnecessary grudges, no screaming and pure honesty. My only complaint is that Nolaa is too confident when it comes to Clarissa. I don't want this overconfidence to cost her the game.
I have the feeling that even Xeradonus would have shivered if he met Deimos in rage mode. I already wondered why he let Frysk throw twice while waiting with his own throw during last immunity.
So Deimos has to chose if he wants people to vote against him because of his evil nature or people who want him out because he's expendable with that kind of challenge performance. An unthankful choice for sure.
It's a valiant effort but won't work for sure. Nolaa's reaction will either be as extreme as Nayla's in front of Claire or she will pretend to be ok while she's not.

In one way Clarissa's not different from Kitsunie. She says what she thinks and while there are situations when this is pretty cool it makes her look like a jerk again this time. That's why I don't know if I want the talk to work or not.
I just know that Ria sure won a lot of confidence in a couple of days and therefore cannot be underestimated. I wonder who will be the first one to notice on this tribe
I have my doubts working for security goes well with a "normal" life, especially when it leads to that kind of memory loss. Sooner or later Atlas will regain memories that were meant to be forgotten and it's too early to tell how this will affect his personality.
Well so much for the possibility Nayla could beat the others to the idol. Losing next immunity wouldn't be too healthy right now so I guess she needs to work on her strategy for more than a few days. Threatening people shouldn't be an option here
A contestant I won't miss for sure. Back in the cast release I expected Kitsunie to be a careless but likeable contestant who can spread postive energy.
What we got instead was an unforgiving and rather unsympathetic Starfox character with lots of prejudices. Within his alliance Kitsunie was ok but being rude to other people without a proper talk is a no-go. He wouldn't have lasted that long with such an attitude so it's good he's gone.
I wonder how Nayla wants to improve her situation now...
So Shin gets to vote with the person he suggested as a boot option two comics ago. Oh joy...
I'm kinda surprised Sagittaria's a boot option again although Claire got the idol clue but it seems more likely Kitsunie is leaving anyway. Shin seems to be too much of a friend to Claire to let her and her allies down
A quite simple challenge but the interactions were totally worth it. Although I enjoyed to see Kitsunie suffering cruelest defeat the best part was Nolaa's complicated Team-up with Kasai and Clarissa. Kasai's final look was priceless.

Hard to say who will end as the main target in the current vote. Kitsunie would definitely like to get rid of Ethan for personal reasons but Nayla wouldn't forgive him that and prefer Claire. And we don't know Sagittaria's boot option yet...
Although I respect how Ernest wants to handle the current situation it's easier for me to agree with Nolaa for the reasons Clarissa stated. I would have never believed someone like her cares about her past self but it's even cooler this way.

I'm just not sure if she wants to be a double agent to achieve that...