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A safe victory and for very good reasons. I already had high hopes when Ollie was introduced but I never expected him to be winner material. He developed quite the personality and while he was quite a cheeky animatronic I admire that he didn't choose the role of the follower but was an independant player who didn't let everything through on the nod.
Just like the previous season, I feel like 2nd and 3rd place should have been switched. I never hated Josh but while being likeable I cannot say the merge improved his game, on the contrary. Jenny fought much more for her place in the finale so although she didn't play as dirty as Vinnie I am surprised Slash prefered to vote for someone who played the pity card.

What I really liked about the season was how often the Tribal Councils had a surprising outcome and I don't just mean the moments when both Lester and Tony left besides their idols. The challenges were varied and fitting just like the Mario challenges last season. No complaints about the cast either. I'm impressed how good this season was once more although we already have seen 16 seasons before. I would usually say I'm looking forward to SFC18 but I guess the reunion Show will take this place first.

Oh and I shouldn't forget my ranking from worst to best:

Tony - Joy - Charity - Naomi - Nezumi - Lester - Josh - Amadeus - Quickscope - CutieCat - Jahira - Derek - Slash - Raiza - Parmesan - Kade - Jenny - Ollie - Mele - Jeannie
Well, those three certainly came prepared...
This was a really entertaining FTC.

While Josh will almost be forgotten by the jury I think we will get to see a very interesting result tomorrow. I hope it's Ollie as well with Jenny as a close runner-up. Too bad SFC17 will be over as well
Well, the jury sure wants the answers to be very precise and they all came prepared so far, especially Jeannie and Derek.
It feels like the jury questions have never been this akward in general and I guess the worst is yet to come tomorrow. It's hard to tell which factor decides most of the votes. Trust? Respect? Sympathy? Oh boy...
I have to join the group of people who think that those were pretty bad jury speeches. It's never a good sign when the jury members look like they bit into a pickled cucumber or wrinkle their foreheads.

The jury questions might get even more akward than I expected.
The only possible boot that made sense this night or the others would have automatically given up their chance to win.

Mele was one of the biggest threats in the season. Despite her rather bad challenge performance no one voted against her during all those weeks besides the random Quickscope vote. The way she was talking in many different situations you could tell that besides her cheeky and slightly crazy attitude Mele was very smart and could lull the others into a false sense of security. It's very impressive that she always was herself and still managed to pull strings behind the back. She's one of those characters I'd like to see as a returnee in a future season.

Well, I would have never expected to see both Jenny and Ollie in the finale. Unless some jurors still have prejudices, this might be a very close battle for sole survivor.
Just as Mele pointed out herself Jenny's smartest move would be to vote against her cause as far as I remember the only vote she got in a Tribal Council was Quickscope's. It would be quiet effective to point out during the jury questions that she could influence the game while never being in real danger in contrast to the other two finalists. That's why I think she leaves tomorrow.

Too bad for Josh no one wants to take him seriously anymore but he shouldn't copy Sierra and her self-pity.
Well that was a challenge made for Jenny since she loves to strain her brain cells. Ollie has a good memory as well but he was in the position of a toddler in the end - not being able to remember the first weeks of your life.

Jenny needed that victory so badly, I doubt anyone of the other three would have kept her out of pity. Pretty sure we will lose Mele before the finale.
Well, it looks like most of the fallen comrades didn't change at all. Some contestants summed up their experience very well while others are still beyond help and try to fool themselves.

Let's see who in the Final 4 has enough motivation to earn bonus points in final immunity...
Well for the most interesting finale we need both Jenny and Ollie as finalists and Mele gone since she has a very clean voting history. I'm looking forward to the Fallen Comrades comic though. We have seen some very bitter departures this season and I wonder what those contestants have to say from today's point of view.
Aw I wished I was wrong with my prediction but Jeannie would have been too much of a threat to have in the Final 3. Besides her connection to Kade she was far more independant than I expected and I really liked how she was spreading the good mood while exposing those to ridicule who deserved it. Jeannie played a nice game and in retrospect, I cannot say she did anything I could blame her for.

Too bad Josh was too afraid to vote differently. It would have been cool if this turned into 2-2-1 vote.
Besides the Josh option hardly anything mentioned in this comic surprises me. If Ollie really intends to vote differently than Mele, it might cost her the Top 4 but I still fear it will be Jeannie instead.
No confidence boost for Josh tonight but I'm pretty sure the two duos will approach him as the swing vote so he won't leave as the next juror.

It's interesting how Mele and Ollie didn't even bother to compete with Josh and Jenny. Maybe cause they rely on having the majority...? I think it will be Mele vs Jeannie for this TribalCouncil and probably Jeannie's time to leave unless Josh has a change of heart.
And once more I have to agree with Mele's opinion. I don't like the Josh who almost drowns in self-pity, I prefer the one who likes to fight back. The way he acts now he turns from "leader" to follower and that's not necessary at all. Josh better fight back again during immunity or he will really end this season mourning all the missed opportunities.
Josh isn't lucky when it comes to sealing friendships. Giving up your paw is certainly worse than solidifying your alliance with underwear.

Jenny is in fighter mode here but she should really be careful this episode. Most fan favourites in past seasons left in 5th place so unless this season is another exception it might hit her as well as Jeannie...
Well, that's one more surprise boot to add to the list.

It certainly didn't feel like Parmesan's and GhostBro's boot episode. They were quite an interesting duo and those two really complemented each other. Parmesan was a good but maybe a bit naive changeling while GhostBro was the brains of the duo but a hothead at the same time.
It's too bad they missed the Top5 but at least they didn't break the streak of MLP characters making the merge. A good addition to the jury.
I think it's about time we see Ollie join the jury. I like him as a character but actions have consequences and since our animatronic wants to make an independent move I'm pretty sure he will have to regret it.
Jenny's reaction is actually quite understandable since there weren't any special rules in the final reward challenge so why expect those during immunity...?
I'm quite surprised Ollie placed last in the challenge. With all his hidden Pokemon knowledge he should have known how to instruct his Pikachu but this already looked like a lost battle from the beginning.

Besides the sense of achievement I doubt Josh needed immunity that badly, the others would have still targeted each other. There will be many boot options this time...
Well, Alfredo didn't burst into flames so I guess he took some lessons in anger management. Somehow I hope Ollie wins next immunity so the flames of chaos keep burning...
Everyone's so jumpy this season, they certainly don't have any problems to jump from one alliance or option to another.

Josh's approach isn't a dumb one since he even puts the brothers in danger without having to vote against them. While I usually like how Mele handles those situations, the star in this comic is Ollie. I doubt anyone would enjoy playing poker against him...
Although it was pretty much a safe bet Josh would pick Raiza for a confidence boost, I personally think he should have picked Slash in order to improve his chances as a possible finalist.

Ponderosa sure was a blessing for Raiza. She's more excited than ever but in a good way and she learned a lot about cheering up other people. Too bad I cannot share her confidence for Josh.

He would need more than a single power move to impress the jury and pointing out that he survived despite being this season's punching bag won't be enough. His deal with Parmesan and Alfredo will be another obstacle here...