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Parmesan: Lying already worked pretty well for Bonnie the first time. He has the potential of becoming a jury member as long he's not as bad at hiding his ability as Lea.

Quickscope: I see the danger of him being the next paranoid contestant in SFC history. I think it's more likely he leaves premerge.

Raiza: She should be one of the most entertaining survivors this season and will stay for a long time since no one will see her as a threat.

Tony: I don't think he will leave that early but relying on situations he has seen in shows might not prepare him for an exceptional situation. Probably a similar performance like Xero in his original season.
Mele: Her style fits the Alola theme and I think she will easily fit in different alliances. Jury member I'd say although I wonder how much it will matter she's from the Danganronpa universe...

Naomi: I don't think she will be Ludovica 2.0 but I doubt she will shine in the immunity challenges and become expendable in the first half of the season.

Nezumi: She immediately reminded me of Jessica when she appeared in the preview. Probably one of the first contestants to hunt for an idol but if she prefers to be a lonewolf she won't get too far with it.

Ollie: We had Maria/Mo and Riley/Kopeii before so I wouldn't be surprised if Ollie has a second program inside him that only waits to be triggered. I hope he isn't meant to be an early boot but makes the merge.
Josh: Another tribe member I wouldn't have expected in the leader group. I hope he shows a good game though and will be responsible for some of the funnier moments.

Joy: She doesn't seem like someone who would start in the follower group and probably joined that one on purpose. I think she will leave pre-merge.

Kade: That look is far more determined than friendly. I expect him to stay for a while and show us some interesting character development.

Lester: It sounds like he has the wrong attitude for getting very far. He might become one of the earlier boots if the backstabbing becomes too obvious.
Derrick: I hope he has a personality similar to Gus amd that this will earn him a jury spot.

Jahira: She will play a big role before the merge but her game might end before the merge if she has a really short temper.

Jeannie: She could easily become one of the biggest troublemakers till the second half of the season. Shaega should ask himself if Jeannie is capable of misinterpreting wishes on purpose...

Jenny: She doesn't seem like someone who could easily be replaced on her tribe so I think she will become an entertaining jury member.
Time to join the predictions.

Amadeus: I can agree with Doris here. He will have a hard time earning the respect of the other tribe members. If he cannot adapt to situations without Pikmin, his journey will be a short one.

Charity: She should make it to the second half of the season, would have to repeat most of the things Doris already mentioned.

Cutiecat: I don't want to have prejudices but I see the danger of her being kinda self-centered. She better be more of a teamplayer than I expect her to be right now.

Derek L.: He seems to be that kind of survivor who will polarize a lot but nevertheless make it very far.
It's been a while but I'm glad the last current comic isn't labeled as a "finale" anymore.

It's pretty obvious those alignments won't last very long and some contestants will be pushed into another group unintentionally while others will have chosen the wrong group on purpose.

I will wait with my predictions till the full cast release and appreciate the scenery panels for now. Looks like another improvement to me
Great season with nice implentation of Mario games and items, however the finale was a bit disapointing to me. I don't have a problem with Doris' obvious victory but Sierra simply feels like a terrible 2nd place to me, especially since Vinnie did much more to earn his spot.

Showing villain qualities shouldn't make you automatically lose to one or two overall nicer finalists. I hope this will change in a future season but don't let this criticism discourage you.Just like I said I enjoyed the season as it had more likeable contestants than usual with some exceptions. Will be around for SFC17, that's for sure.

From worst to best: Rosella - Bonnie - Cassidy - Clydia - Iyzebel - Lake - Sierra - Angelo - Scott - Eli - Bradley - Tialayla - Thorne - Doris - Brandi - Bowser - Vinnie - Bowser Jr - Damon - Riley
Well, besides the obvious votes I hope for a head-to-head race because that would be so fitting for this season.

I wonder if Bonnie shows up in a wheelchair tomorrow...
Weakest Thorne moment this season. As much as I liked her during the season connecting Doris and sociopathic tendencies is a terrible way to discredit her. I certainly prefered the other jury comments like Junior and Tialayla pointing out Sierra's "strategy" just Angelo going into this totally unprepared compared to Brandi.

Aw, just two comics left...
Well, for once Sierra really knew how to apporach such a situation. Still not sure if "steering the game" fits here when most of her votes were affected by others.
The other two speeches aren't surprising, Doris pointing out her not agressive game and Vinnie going for respect votes since he cannot get any based on sympathy. Tomorrow will be entertaining
I hope Vinnie doesn't ruin his chances for something better than a third place. In contrast to Sierra he always had a good focus on his plans and took out many people with higher chances to win. Sierra would have to admit that she was easily to manipulate and only stayed cause she wasn't a threat most of the time. I wouldn't say this is impressive.

While I'm pretty sure Doris wins this because of her far from agressive game I gotta admit I'd like to see a nice result for Vinnie. It's not like a winner shouldn't be allowed to have villainous moves on the scorecard as well
Oh well, at least he really is a formidable final jury member.
Junior was one of the earliest contestants I could easily root for. He questioned his father's short term villain plans but formed his own big moves. He seemed the most likely winner to me for a very long time but once I saw him winning so many immunities in a row and basing his bigger moves on personal vendetta I started to have my doubts. I would have loved to see him compete with Vinnie but it wasn't meant to be.

Definite win for Doris with only Junior and Thorne voting for the others? This would be kinda boring so I hope Vinnie left a bit more of an impression than just being the mean old veteran.
Sierra is reliable enough to turn this into a tiebreaker. Then I still have the opinion that Doris will beat Junior in one just because over-confidence is a Koopa trademark.

No matter who leaves tomorrow... Except for Sierra everyone of them can be proud to have made it this far.
That's actually an outcome I'm ok with. Vinnie went through a lot to get there so even though he had his jerk moments it's cool he won when he finally tried and was full of determination.

No skipping to the final SFC16 comic. There's no rule you have to fill the Final 3 with at least one person so having Doris leave after Riley would be cruel but make the finale more interesting.
As usual: Many contestants learned from their experience but some few inconvincable didn't.

I wonder how many Mushroom Kingdom residents actually watched the season. Either most of them didn't or they did but were too scared to prevent Iyzebel's and Scott's marriage and honeymoon.

With so many likeable and interesting characters I like the the conclusions the others are drawing about the season here, especially Thorne's and Riley's. Still I'm glad we didn't get more details on Angelo's love shack and Bonnie got enough reasons not to return a fourth time.

Looking forward to final immunity and the right winner.
Although it's far too late trying to impress the jury I applaud Vinnie for confronting Sierra. His approach was far more effective than the others trying to reassure her.

Despite his winning streak I think Junior will lose to Doris since he seems overconfident. If anyone else than her wins then Junior has the best chances to become sole survivor. I think a lot of respect will play a role in the end.
Oh well, no surprising outcome but at least nothing close to a rampage.

Riley was easily the most likeable character this season. His Kopeii personality prevented him from being a one-sided character and despite being very timid he tried his best to comfort other contestants. It seems obvious to me SWSU didn't want him to be compared to Cherman afterwards because of his not so good challenge performance. He's still a winner

So our sole survivor will either be Doris or Junior, depending who wins final immunity. Vinnie can at least celebrate the fact that he made Final 4 again and Sierra... well, I want to forget she's still in the game
I'd hope Junior was right with his remark but there is a lot pointing to Riley leaving with an unthankful 5th place like many fan favourites.

I'm starting to wave goodbye to him as well but change to celebrating instead if for some reason he survives this.
Junior is surprisingly agile for a Koopa, I thought it would be head-to-head race with Sierra but he left the others no chance.

Vinnie has obviously prepared another mind game. Pretending to vote against Doris so she plays the idol but vote Riley instead since he is a jury threat. The question is if Kopeii agrees with that plan. Will Riley leave at the same point of the game as Ky? Yeah, this TC probably won't be for for the faint-hearted.
The way Sierra is handling this the others will just keep her till the finals as an "easy to beat" rival. She cannot finish the season with zero votes since Thorne will vote for her but everyone else has higher chances to become sole survivor.

If the upcoming night doesn't have the effect of a wake-up call then we should get used to gloomy Sierra throwing with random votes and... coconuts.