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That's an ominous entrance...
No worries. I just hope he feels better soon!

Lovely work as always~
@H0lyhandgrenade: I'm glad you're feeling better. Never be afraid to take time to recover if you're sick! :)

Wonderful work as always~
@Meloh: "Breaker of Chains and Drinker of Juice Boxes" = best Iliadic epithet ever xD
No worries. Rest is a very important thing. :)

Keep up the good work!
Aaand into the drink! Good teamwork, guys~
Oh, yeah, they do mirror each other!

Nice juxtaposition. Now we shall see how these arrangements play out for the lovebirds~
That's so cute~

Have a safe and wonderful trip!
@Tarableart: That's right! I had forgotten about Grillby, haha. He's definitely a fire monster. xD

I like that you're incorporating the runes as another language. I never thought about it, but it does make sense for them to speak as crackling flame. Very thoughtful~ And thanks for the translations!

I remembered you saying that they're the beasts of burden, but I hadn't expected the ridiculously heavy loads. I'm surprised that stuff hasn't toppled over! Maybe it's being held in place by magic? xD I'm looking forward to seeing them distracted now, lol.

Thanks for answering my questions! :D
Is that a fire spirit in the lantern? (It's very cute, but I can't remember the game well. Are they in-game or a creation for the comic?) What did it say? (Or will we learn later?)

Also, more puns for the win, bwaha. xD Blooky as a mother hen is cute, and wow, is that llamba strong~!
You know, when I tried this, I thought it might be too dark for my tastes. But I was pleasantly surprised by the careful balance between the serious topics and the humor. I both enjoyed it and the execution (please pardon the bad pun). Wonderful short piece, writing- and art-wise.

And those sillies at the end. I couldn't stop rofl-ing over their previous attempts, and I was happy to see brighter times on the horizon. I do wonder, however, how the ghells are able to walk away with the bodies they commandeered. Surely the families of those they possessed would notice the differences? But all in all, great job! :)
Very lovely work! Keep it up~

And yes, they are very lucky to not worry about mosquitoes! xD lol
Bwahahaha! Totally bros~ xD
It's one of the inescapable laws of the world--no matter whichever world you're in, lol.
Don't worry, we all have those moments. But I think it turned out well. :)
Beautiful ice and snow backgrounds, by the way. :)
Whoops, haha! xD

Very lovely work so far. :) This is quite enjoyable.
Uh-oh, I think the needle's gone...
This is an interesting concept with lovely artwork. I'm looking forward to reading where this goes~
Bwahahaha, this is too cute. xD