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This is a very lovely short comic. Thank you for sharing your memory with us. :) It was beautifully told.
This is an intriguing start for a Nuzlocke. I rather enjoyed it, and I hope to see where this goes. :)
I love how the story is grayscale, silent, and borderless. (I tried one with these attributes previously, and I need to redraw it...) It gives it a nice nostalgic, memory feeling. I also love how the story begins and ends at night, also kind of mirroring the birth and death of the moth.

Anyway, lovely short comic. Thank you for sharing!
I jumped in partway through, but it was always a joy finding an update. I know it was a long six years, but thank you so much for sticking with this until you finished it. I know that life often had more pressing things, but you pushed forward with this anyway. So, as a reader, thank you for sharing such a wonderful project with us, and I wish you the best of wherever life takes you. :)

Thank you again, best of luck, and Merry Christmas. :)
This was such a lovely little comic. I like how the meanings of the flowers became messages to her. Very romantic~ :)

Thank you for sharing! I loved it. :D
I wonder if he was imagining Dante's Inferno.
I thought I heard once that war used (at least somewhat) to stop during the wintertime. It wasn't over, just a weather-induced ceasefire until it got warmer. I don't know if that carried over to Japan or not, though, or how widespread it was.

Keep up the good work! :)
How can that be simultaneously so terrifying yet adorable? lol

I'm sorry to hear about the flooding, but I'm glad that mostly everything is fine. I hope that repairs and cleaning come quick and easily.
No worries! I hope that your family issues are resolved. Until then, we'll be waiting. :)
In light of what happens later in the story, I wonder if he IS much older (unless I've forgotten him say his age somewhere). He might just be surprised by the question, but he also looks a little nervous there...
I motion that this is a bad move...
Lovely page. The lighting turned out beautifully~
Beautiful, beautiful update as always! Well worth the wait~ :)

Of course, the question in my mind that is begging to be asked is... where is little Zager?
For a second I was expecting something related to Paradise Lost, but the panda was funny, too. xD
This was an enjoyable short story. Thank you for finishing this. :)
This was a lovely little comic. :) I feel like the length is representative of how short life is, but you can still pack a lot of wonder into a few pages.

Thank you for sharing this lovely creation with us!
Thank you
Wow. A part of me can't believe that Folded is over. This has been one of my favorite Nuzlockes, if not my favorite. It's hard to say what I loved most, since everything blended together beautifully. The art work is lovely, and the wholesome story is fantastic. Every update brought me joy. I loved especially how your backgrounds were never static; the pokemon were always moving and people shifting. Every personality was unique and distinct.

I lack the words, so I'll conclude with I'm sad to see this over, but I'm even happier to have been able to follow this story through to its end. Thank you for sharing such a lovely, lovely work with us. I'll be keeping an eye on DA. :) Best of luck with your future projects!!
Gorgeous work. Thank you for continuing this. It's lovely~
I don't think that this was poorly drawn at all. Rather, the artwork is consistent, you have good narrative direction in the camera angles, and good pacing of the story. The fight scenes are also well done.

This is a beautiful piece. I absolutely loved it. Kudos on great work! :)

This must have been quite a production in real life... Congrats to all the participants, and blessings on the soon-to-be wedded! :D
The cover is beautiful and makes up for the wait~

No worries. Enjoy your time with your family. The time will be there still when you return. :)