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This is an interesting concept with lovely artwork. I'm looking forward to reading where this goes~
Bwahahaha, this is too cute. xD
This is a lovely start to what seems like will be a very interesting story. Best of luck~
@MurkyKiifak: No worries! Life gets to us sometimes. Take the time you need to do what you need to do. :)
This is so beautifully heartwarming. It's wonderful~
I love the winged cats as the mail messengers~
Aw, one of the ducks is gone. :( Parallel~
Don't give up! You have a long trip and then the adventure within the capital to change his mind!
I empathize. Having to redo sections can be really frustrating, especially when it's still not what you wanted.

It did turn out well artistically, though. (Seeing the figure of the old man in his eyes is a good effect, too.) But if you're looking for a comment on the potential nagging feeling, it might be that a pause could have gone there. They just got surprised, and he's just been accused. Is he as fast with his tongue as he is on his feet?

Regardless, great work so far. :)
The red flower kind of reminds me of the rose in Beauty and the Beast. An interesting mix. :)
I love the use of the lantern to censor the foul language. xD
Do I sense a parallel between the paired ducks and our courting couple? ;)
I'm sorry about your computer troubles! :( I hope that you're able to fix it soon.
Spirit of Water
February 10th, 2018
I love the shift. I really wasn't expecting that no one would attend the party, so it was pleasant to watch the would-be thief and party-ruiner instead become a guest and give life to the party.

Very lovely. :) Thanks for sharing!
This is a lovely start to a Nuzlocke. It's really engaging, and the artwork is beautiful. I'm looking forward to reading where it goes! :)
This is a very fun and engaging opening for a nuzlocke. Many I've read automatically make the rival a jerk, so I really like how you've made Blue a competitive friend and Red not automatically perfect. You can tell that they're friends who will undergo a lot of character development as the story progresses. Not to mention you developed their families with individual characters, instead of just I-appear-just-to-kick-you-out. Like Red's mom. I loved how loving a parent Red's mom was.

So, yeah. Kudos to a lovely beginning. Best of luck!
"Deny him dessert!"
The most effective punishment for an adult child! xD rofl
I love #2's silent commentary. xD
Spirit of Water
January 27th, 2018
Is that a demonic Cheshire Cat?
Does she have a different father?

I like the fine line between how she could have overcome her subjective ugliness had they not pushed her to internalize it. I feel like it's a potential commentary on the effects of bullying/verbal abuse with a dash of psychological horror/magic. Interesting start so far.
Is Andras' speech bubble supposed to run off the page? (Sorry, it's a nice visual effect for chatter since the rest of the page is centered, but I've been trained to think that something is unintentionally wrong when I see that, so I wanted to ask. Thanks!)