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The house under the house! :D That already looks so cool~

Okay, that's an impressive secret technique.
Welcome back! Lovely page as usual. :)
You have a start to an interesting story with some lovely camera angles and coloring, particularly expressions on the characters. :) Keep up the great work!
If you can, I'd really suggest you find a scanner. I think you're taking pictures with a camera, and as a reader, that's very distracting. The image quality isn't as good, and not only can I see the other panels in the pictures alongside your notations, the other panels and notations distract me so that I start looking at what's going on around your panels instead of your story within the panel.

Why say all of this? Because you have an interesting start of a fantasy story with a very lovely art style that's suited to the story you're trying to tell. You have a lot of potential for this traditionalist story--but it's getting lost in the presentation. It's obvious you've put work into this, but many people won't give it a glance not because it's traditionalist but because it's being uploaded as camera pictures. It makes it look unprofessional. That's why I really suggest you find a scanner. If you don't have one and don't know anyone who has one, there are usually some available publicly, like in libraries or office stores, albeit sometimes for a small fee. But I think the effort will be worth it and give you the best possible chances for your traditional projects if you can find one. Again, you have a very lovely style, and it's sad to see it get lost in camera pictures.
Ah, sorry, one more typo: "Apricorns are exclusive to Johto", not "Apricorns are exclusives to Johto". Used in this way, "exclusive" isn't pluralized.

Beautiful page as always!
I know there's always one that'll value costs over lives when they're not at risk of the fighting, but they make me so mad. I admire the Captain's patience...
I know those backgrounds must have taken a lot of work, but I just wanted to drop in and say that I think every second was worth it, because they look absolutely beautiful. :) Job well done~!
I love how awesome that last panel is~
I have hard time pinning down my exact reason why, but I like the font that you chose. :) It works well.
I'm sorry for your loss. :( You're grieving and sad right now, so of course you're not feeling up to it. Please, take the time you need to grieve and begin the healing process. We can wait.
Happy New Year, an update!! I can't believe I missed the notice until now. Guess it's a sign of how long I've been away, haha, but what a wonderful day the posting was~

Wow, was this epic. I loved the Kato and Jojjo scene, where she was speaking like a ghost. Absolutely beautiful. I'm sorry they couldn't get out through the snow, since now it's going to be another dangerous fight, but hey, that's dramatic tension. xD I can't wait to read what happens next~!
I'm sorry to hear about your printer trouble. I'm glad everything's back online again.

That's one impressive tattoo. And let's hope he actually calms down.
Yep, definitely should put Luz in charge of the interrogation.

Looking forward to reading where this goes!
And Granny will handle the interrogation from now on. :)
That is such a wonderful final panel. It really speaks so much louder without any dialogue. xD Yay for happy mistakes~
Wonderful monologue. Very Dazer.
That was such a sad chapter conclusion! T_T

I'm looking forward to reading where this goes~
Happy New Year!

Definitely gotta watch out for stuff at night. But hey, at least it's the full moon. The tree and cloud cover might take away from the ridiculous brightness, but at least he'll be able to see somewhat.