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Here's the last page of MetaMan. It's been fun. Thank you to everyone who read the comic.
My next comic, "The Hunter's Blind," can be found at
Any lingering questions about MetaMan can be directed to my Twitter, @MetaMan333
July 24th, 2019
My next comic, "The Hunter's Blind," begins on Sunday, July 26 at
My next comic, "The Hunter's Blind," starts Sunday at
The epilogue begins at the regular time next week. When I've got my next comic ready enough, I'll put a link to it here and at the end of the epilogue.
@artofjoe: Sorry, I already finished the last cover.
Thanks to Dustydells for this guest cover. You can find her comic, Deerface, at
Or on Thursday, rather. Sorry for any confusion, I made this page before the schedule change.
November 26th, 2017
Starting next week, MetaMan will be moving to a schedule of updating every Tuesday, as well as every Thursday. Thank you all for reading my comic.