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I'm a homo sapian bi-ped...sort of...and thats most of the info I guess, I like most things that can remotly be called an art form. and I don't have cable,i live under a rock, I like books ALOT, likefreackishly, i love books. I read all the time.I write. and.. I don't like raw onions or mustard. and people that just are rude. yeah thats it........W007!!
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    alexandria kellner
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pleaser bare with me! I know this is slightly larger but I want you to be able to read it !
I'm so sorry I just have to get a hang onf the resizing but THIS WILL BE FIXED!
beware of silence!
its a trap! and all he has to play are board games!gahh!!
(I have nothing against board games. I love'em just am not very good at them..)
this one is really good! ROFL
the thing is my mom want to be Bhuddist. I don't know about everyone else but I would rather not come back if I can't survive this life! ^_^
hey! I really lke your comic I think its really funny! and I like how you draw. ^_^
its a b33r overload then. tomarow is gona be fun. have a good St. Patricks day joff! ^_^
death almost missed his massage because of that guy!

^_^ sorry had to ad that.
nooo! all the b33r was in there!
lol just kidding, this is a good comic though.^_~
heh. this is good ^_^
I've read you comic a couple of times before I alway thought it was funny.
I may not be a pot-head(a.k.a. harry potter freak) but I like this alot! I know re-formed pot-heads so they'll like it to.
they all look great. wil looks very, hot in red -_^
lets all just jump into deep pits to make deaths uhh...death hell.
its cause phycos like to play with their toys first heheh. yes I am sick.
you know what makes this comic seem all the better (or worse depending on your point of veiw) is the fact that I just watched Final Destination 3 & 2. hilarious as usual joff!
ahh we all sucumb to a litle bit of power (and well droolingt of course!)
aww looks like someone has a bruised ego! ha!
this stuff is hella funny! keep it up!
fantasic the humor always makes my day better!