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New account @ amanduur
GUUUUYS omg I'm so sorry for the unexplained 3 year hiatus lol somehow a lot of things happened and I ended up abandoning this story even though I didn't want to.

BUT I still really like the characters and want to do a remake sometime in the near future (with better art and designs) so I hope you'll want to read it!

You can find me at my new account here where I'm also working on some new projects, one of which updates at least weekly. I hope you'll still want to read my comics!!

@Riaya: anytime! Thanks for still being interested <3
@juicylucy: DUDE IKR I didn't even feel it happening
@JuniperJollies: I used to upload bigger images like comic strips and such to imageshack, but apparently they get deleted after a while. I unfortunately don't have the original files anymore.
Aaahh this comic is so interesting! I love the flow of the story, and your art is so pretty. I'm super excited for the continuation!
Aaw man this comic is so cute, I love the characters and your style is so pretty!
September 6th, 2014
Aah, an update <3 I love the way you draw the characters, they look so cute ; 3 ;
September 6th, 2014
Aaw this comic <3 it's so interesting, the setting is really nice. I'm so excited to see what's going to happen next!
I'm back!
Super sorry for the long pause, but I had a one month job that took up all my time and I literally only came home to sleep once in a while, it was cray.
So if my art looks funky it's because I haven't drawn for like a month lol oh well hope you guys are doing great!

@ToastyBuns: aaaahh you're so sweet THANK YOU <3 lol face shapes are my favorite part, I hate everything else like how do you draw the right head-to-body proportions
@maxlix: THANK YOU I'M GLAD TO BE BACK TOO seriously thank you for reading hnnghh ; 3 ; <3
@staticarcher: Aaw thank you ; 3 ; yeah, I won't anymore!
Flashback to the start of chapter 4 - this time from Takeshi's pov.
Thank you for reading!

@summerstorm: Ikr lol. Thank you for the interest!
@betweenTWOpoints: AHHH thank you so much for saying that! I love seeing your comments <3
@midnightflyer: omg thank you for waiting! Yeah it was like 9 months, like I went and had a secret baby or something LOL. Thank you so much for the support! <33
@crazylupus: yeah, they're practically both just dumb idiots lol thank you!
Chapter 5!
I just want to confess that I choose these chapter titles completely arbitrarily lol
This makes two chapters in a row ending with Atsushi puking lol
Thank you for reading this far!

@CattyD: AAw thank you so much! I'm so happy you're still following it <3
@featherpencil: totally
@nekoboy44: rainbow puke is the only puke I know how to draw LOL
@crazylupus: LOL you're right, he is pretty gross
@Scarce Rose: AAW thank you for that! It's always nice to be appreciated!
@Akki-Chan: haha, I'm glad you like it!
@Vilian (Guest): And thank you for commenting, you made mine <3
@ToastyBuns: Honestly I'd kinda forgotten too LOL
@SkarletFeather: Haha, I'm super happy to hear that, thank you!
@summerstorm: Ain't nothin' to get the libido going like a little bit of sparkly vomit LOL
@Sehe (Guest): OMG YOU'RE SO SWEET you literally made my day, thank you for all the sweet compliments and nice words! Comments like yours make me want to update 10 pages a day lol thank you so much!
@The_Time_Hunter: LOL I'm happy it could make you laugh!
@Merp. (Guest): AAW thank you so much! And lol yeah if only, only time and this author's whims will tell!
@Ravenous Ritsu: we've all been there LOL
@Hemi: omggg thank you so much! I'm super happy you enjoy my comic, I'll do my best to draw more!
This comic is so awesome! The story is super interesting and I love everything about the way you draw. I AM SO INTO YOUR STYLE JESUS CHRIST I'll be having nightmares about never being able to measure up to your art lol this is the sort of comic I would pay money to read.
Good luck on the hiatus, and I'll be looking forward for the rest of this story!
The composition on this page is great, your sketches look so alive and beautiful.
I love the way you transition between the panels, and the story-telling... seriously, this is so enjoyable to read, I feel like the entire comic is a piece of high quality art!
OH MY GOD I love your art style so much, the way you draw noses and lips is especially beautiful!
Page 1-2-3 lol.
Double update to make up for my recent inactivity. Please enjoy!

@ToastyBuns: LOL OMG you know me really well ahaha. And thank you <3
@YukixKaname1: Thank you so much!
@Robo123: Ah, yeah I guess you could say that, I always try to update my art so that it looks the way I prefer. I'm sad to hear you liked the old one better though ; 3 ;
@xenzii107: LOL "suspense", aaw Amy <3
@Akki-Chan: OMG YOU GUYS KNOW ME WAY TOO WELL LOL is it that predictable that I always make the cheesy moments retarded in the end lol. And thank you <3
GUYS I AM A DICK I didn't update for so long, but I bought a new mac so I'll try to from now on. Thank you so much for all the encouragement and for continuing to follow this comic, I really am very grateful, so I'll do my best to keep it going!

@ShivaQuinn: He should huh, it'd make it easier for me to draw the story lol
@nekoboy44: how about a little bit of both LOL
@krulik: Aaw, thank you for saying that, I'll do my best!
@SarahBearaBee (Guest): Thank you! LOL your comment made me laugh so hard, it's the bottle though
@xenzii107: AMEEEES MY BBY thank you so much YOU'RE SO SWEET TO ME like that's how I feel about your art omg. And I wish he was more Mikorin SO TSUN HNNGHH
@MEWfer: Thank you for always coming back with a beautiful comment <3 I'll do my best to keep updating!
@nyamoon: Aaw, thank you so much!
July 8th, 2014
I love your comic, I love how you always draw really nice and clean-looking pages and that you switch so easily between sparkly shoujo goodness to hardcore parody ridiculousness without making it seem forced.

June 5th, 2014
This comic is so cute! I somehow hope Eizo will end up with his friend though lol
I can't wait to read more ; 3 ;
So just when I felt like I was starting to draw okay my macbook broke down. I bought a windows computer instead but we're not getting along because the OS is retarded and also I lost my notes for this comic but there was no plot in the first place so whatever lol EYYY HOW'S EVERYONE DOIN'

@Tigrrl: yeah it's a real page, it's just that this whole comic is kinda strange lol
@ToastyBuns: I love how you call it a peter LOL and yeah fuck notes, this comic makes no sense anyway!
@YukixKaname1: Ain't no such thing as too much lube LOL
@hushsee: LUBE MOUTH AHAHA omg yes
@xenzii107: SPLOOSH LOL that made me laugh so hard. THANK YOU AMY BBY I MISSED YOUR UPDATES TOO <3
@chocojuju: LOL aaw I'm so happy I can make you laugh <3
@Merrsharr: Yeah, sorry that it's so weird, but after all this is the kind of comic I like drawing the best lol
@k_chichan: LOL this is just the tango warm-up
@crazylupus: Or a mix of both
@AniiBell: Thank you so much for saying that omg <3
@Ravenous Ritsu: LOL I'm glad you're enjoying it!
@Vilian (Guest): OMG yeah there's no sense in this comic, it's just a lot of bad jokes and some gay lol. Thank you so much though, I'm glad you're enjoying it! And thank you for the compliments <3
@mizu624: Thank you so much for reading it <3
@Shannonismyname: A real man always has lube on him LOL
@WeirderThanWeird: haha, thank you so much! My day is made if I can make you guys laugh <3
May 20th, 2014
omgggg Amy your art looks so good even in sketches, this makes me want to draw so badly YOU INSPIRE ME
I love the kissing pose so much, Isamu is super hot hnnghhh