HI! My name is Lolly (it isn't actually) and I make stupid webcomics for fun and because it's something that takes my mind off school .(not really)(ugh.... school) Due to being a student I am not very active, but I am active on other websites! If you enjoy me comics, then... um... That makes me happy...! And hopefully it makes YOU happy too because you enjoy my comics!
...This is awkward, I gotta go now. BYE!
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@RealBoxTheEevee: XD
I dunno. Just some random character she doesn't like lol.
A character from a comic I plan on doing featuring my ghost bab Anthina.
Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut I got lots to do and having this comic would murder me haha ;;v;;
Do it for the candy :3c

Oh cool I'm gonna do the generator thing later XD
May 22nd, 2017
Finally the drama is temporarily gone
... I hope

This is pure though just *clapclap*
May 21st, 2017
Well now there's a song stuck in my head from Lion King lol
This is beautiful though
Okay I got some tools who's gonna help me repair this ship?? O3O
(Jk I literally can't do anything =^=)
May 21st, 2017
I love it already oml
The su songs are beautifuuuuul
May 20th, 2017
Bow wanted someone to post a drawing she did on DA here.
(She didn't have a name for it so neither did I XP)
This is so gooood
@WildfireK: hoooly crap a lot of words rhyme with orange lol (I used the same site Pfft XD)
May 20th, 2017
I actually like it cos it's easier to see your notifications when your on mobile ^^;;
I love how people are treating this like a movie, like every move that Harmony does hits them in the heart.
I just like reading the comments to see people's reactions. ^^

But why doe?
oml I forgot lol
May 20th, 2017
iiiiiiits staaaaaaaaaaartinnnnnnnnnng
May 19th, 2017
Waiting for the awful twiiiiiist
This is the best episode of Sherlock I've seen
And oh hey a tree