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HI! My name is Lolly (it isn't actually) and I make stupid webcomics for fun and because it's something that takes my mind off school .(not really)(ugh.... school) Due to being a student I am not very active, but I am active on other websites! If you enjoy me comics, then... um... That makes me happy...! And hopefully it makes YOU happy too because you enjoy my comics!
...This is awkward, I gotta go now. BYE!

This account is completely inactive! Below is a link to my tumblr where I’m currently active!
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Im back wow
Heres a link to the reboot
So yea,,,,,, hi again
Congrats on nearly 100,000 views!!
Not suspicious at all
Money is money
June 7th, 2017
Sure make him walk in the rain injured grEAT
Oml you art is so cute aaaah
I love the Riolu NNNNGH
@Darvin: nop3, I'm pretty sure the spike is on both sides of the chest and not just the front
Although the back spike might have meant to be less sharp owo;;
This is what happens when it's winter in Australia - everyone gets sick lol
Probably the best thing I have drawn lol

I’m not feeling too well, got a sore throat cough and my nose has gone on a marathon (get it?? GET IT??) So here, a Gardie to hopefully brighten up your dash.
Hey it updated lol
So cuuute
And zoom in on the butt cos that ain't weird 030
Welp r.i.p us XD
(Oml u drew me so cute XD)
@HarrisonButterGem: Well then it obviously wont work on me ;3
@WiispNightmare: yup (sounds a bit weird if someone dies and you just sit there and draw them XD)
@WiispNightmare: *flings hands in air* nope I live now o3o
The eeeyeeees I'm ded
I would love living there :'D
You should have seen my face when this updated woow
@RealBoxTheEevee: XD
I dunno. Just some random character she doesn't like lol.