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Wasn't it a van from that company ECNALUBMA?
Or the pulmonary edema, that's silent killer too.
Even mute people do get laid - just shut up!
That's the suspension of disbelief issue I have - someone like Martha just doesn't exist...
There are clever girls (and much clever than me) but they are not nerdy...
In a cute way...
Oxygen is more funny. We are alive thanks to oxygen and yet it's toxic and it will kill us some day...
Exactly... And I'm not normal...
BTW Metal sword. Medal is what you give to heroic people when they do something heroic.
They can't put other toy or they will be banned in USA...
Do any of them offer hotdogs, doughnuts or beer (replace with your local cuisine) for free?
We have #metoowantmoneyandfame... and women having children for subsidies.
Where are the times of groupies when it was not about money...
Not lazy enough to spoof location yet?
[CENSORED] and that might get me banned on Twitter.
@mandalorianjedi: But adding explosives requires too much paperworks... It had blowtorch!
Another puzzle is why they went one after another?
Not true... When we had a science day, we had a literal smoking machine - you put a whole
carton of cigarettes into an intake resembling bee hive structure (one after another).
Then you "light it", simulating a person smoking one carton over some time. The machine
is see-through, so you can see inhalation in action.
After the machine was punished by smoking the whole carton, some chemistry magic happened
and all the tar and other things you cannot get out of the human system were solidified,
while smoke was released.
You could put your finger in what's left.

Only it didn't work. Generators were generating, pumps were pumping, air was airing,
but the machine didn't want to smoke. Just a week before it worked like a charm,
but at that time it wouldn't even blow.
NOTE: pages were reorganized. Look 3 pages back for new comic pages...
That weird moment when he will ask "call me bad racist hillbilly again"
We call it art. Nothing is more kinky than scantily clad square on white background.
Wish you find a new job quickly!
Give it few years and even that will be possible. What else would you use library's free wifi for...