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Wish you find a new job quickly!
Give it few years and even that will be possible. What else would you use library's free wifi for...
There are special bones you can put inside a bra to make them strapless and backless.
Making those is one of the most prestigious occupations in fantasy worlds.
Sometimes it's almost like magic is used to produce them.
That's why some of them are so pricey.
Those backstabbing douches got what was coming to them!
Even if it was two hundred years earlier..
And on completely different issue...
Happy 4th July!
I read you're gonna have whiskey with Jenna. Happy birthday!
Is that a real issue people have or it's just overexaggerated for story?
EDIT: I mean in non blood relationship.
Her hand is on his shoulder? Fake...
Also, divorcing... I have to... Sorry...
I must really come from weird world... 15 and 19, and 19 is the girl, not the other way around, is just... ok.
Uff, so it was not intentional. Glad to read that. It hurt.
Holi turtl. Whi...
@Plasmarift: In case you want explanation, I could try:
DDR4 RAM memory (which could be thought as the next step after DDR3) came out in 2014, and DDR5 is expected for this year;
You cannot interchange DDR3 and DDR4 modules, so you need to choose which one you want, you cannot change DDR3 to DDR4 later;
DDR4 use 1.2V while DDR3 1.5V, which means less electricity and heat, which is noticeable if you have server farm;
DDR4 have slightly better performance (depends on what you do with it), but you can get more than 8GB modules, allowing you to get 128GB of memory;
DDR3 was cheaper, but today you can get DDR4 at the same price;So if you use DDR3 you live in past, not Present Tense ...I mean time
Oh, that one you can just call system.
Wait, is this one from 2000s?
It might require a slight knowledge of lore about furries who change into animals by wearing furry costumes (as in the picture) and do... things... sexual... things...
They are peeking out of their communities to the outside world (Discord mods) bringing out the worst (cub porn).
Hashtag not all, but the most creepy are usually the loudest.
That's what I think of when seeing that picture with text "to better our society".
Also, why neko girls act more like dogs than cats?
@mandalorianjedi: Oh, it was not snarky remark.
I forgot to put question mark there or put it in a question sentence pattern, sorry. Too much of my mother tongue influence.
So I guess she doesn't drink alcohol and doesn't smoke (tobacco/nicotine/sugar)