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I bet you Trump would solely be the reason a lot of stand up comedy fans would visit us.
While it's not that easy, in a world where you might not want to do sudden decissions that might cause free for all game for power, there are ways you can make someone deceased.

First you find someone who looks close enough, who won't turn down the offer to make his poor family live a little bit better... He might have an accident where he will lose the ability to speak, or write...
I don't want to see what happens...
I think I owe you an appology for causing at the least part of the issues, I really didn't mean to add to your worries!
It's dark night. Girl enters your room. Wakes you up. Moves close to your ear and whispers: "Can we be friends?"
@Dragonwolf: But he already did, it was up to her to want him (to make move)... Plus she's drunk, that kinda complicates things in the morning usually /-:
I somehow doubt they would let her go visit sleeping prince... For me, she's like ninja, got there all by herself sneakily, without nobody knowing.

But I guess it's better like this for the guards, to let her in, than to be beheaded for sleeping on watch.
Um, doesn't all that need FIRST to get rid of social anxiety?
He has some Edge...
She didn't "c" that coming...
I wish we could have night sky without lights, so we could see sky like that too...
You will understand once a piece of tooth will come of with it. If not, then maybe when you see the bill for repairing or crown, in case you are unable to pay for it...
Madison should chill... And remember to not sit down...
I'm sure they wouldn't have problem talking about art...
That's a great description. Better than assuming everyone understands dictionary terms the same way.
The text on the last panel on the left overflows the box - "personally" melts into the background picture.
That's one hot potato for one sibling.
@Jeny-jen94: "Point taken, but if one of your clients is my brother, then it concerns me."
I know one do...
One of my favourite comics... Looking forward to read more. I like the contrast between her "low" background, leading her to a job which is seen as one of the "lowest" in western society (it shouldn't!) and him being of the "top" background. In my country's fairy tales the situation is usually reversed, prince being princess. And they are foxes too! So that got me in. I also love the style, but I already wrote that I think.