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Does that mean that if I haven't dreamt about a partner, I'm not ready? (insert smiley stroking beard here)
Unless he sleeps next to her she has ****** dreams...
Nope, 18 here...

15 to 18 is grey area where if you make pictures for your lover, he won't be prosecuted, but other person might be.

EDIT: meaning the lover is under 18.
@mandalorianjedi: That's the reason they wake and get it up...
That might get you into trouble, depending where you live, ie. around elementary school for some reason a full squad of local police might show...
But not so big you won't fit into a door...
The whole page mozaics!
Ah, yes, we're talking about skeletons, there's 6,689,648,740 of people with 1 skeletons and 472,470,694 with two skeletons. That is 7,634,590,128 skeletons in whole population.

Mean value is 3,817,295,064 which is more than 3,581,059,717, yep. You are correct.
Let's get autistic:

According to one research based on empirical evidence from 2012, there's 133 pregnant women per 1000 women.

If we take world population in 2013 (7,162,119,434) from which 49.6% was female (3,552,411,240) then it would mean 472,470,694 of women pregnant.

That is roughly 15,16% of population, so far below an average human...

It's 133 women per 1,000 women of ages 15-44 from this paper:
I think we can ignore the 15% miscarriage rate since bones are starting to develop in about 6-8 weeks of pregnancy.
The world population data was taken from here: from year 2013.
I'm sure Jenna said she don't believe in multiverse on her Nobel lecture.
Or should I say: 6 milliards of people
Also it was not a real mathematician. The guy from Indiana who tried to make law that PI is 3.2 or some round number to make it possible to square a circle, wasn't a real mathematician. Prof. C.A. Waldo, who taught Senate some math ahead of the proposal to see how ridiculous that guy was, that was real mathematician. Real mathematicians are only crazy, not dumb.
That's a door
I think she just had an excuse why she cannot bang him; well, not anymore.
See, that's why Michael Bay has laws on cards which fit into wallet like a condom. Know your laws kids.
Those crossed arms above mum's boobs look weird.
@Killsoty: Sorry, got myself little heated up. I should finish first before writing.
@Killsoty: Why? At first I wanted to make a snarky remark, but I do want to hear your reason.

BTW Czech Republic, then Czechoslovakia, even when behind Iron Curtain, was always on the top in science/psychology/psychiatry of sex, relationships and deviations even back in 1960 with a lot of research done in these "fields".

Church doesn't have influence, so you won't find any crazy movements like purity ring. We teach our children about relationships and sex, prepare them so they know how to protect themselves, even send them buy condoms, so they are not affraid to go buy them when they really need them.

Even in such a small area as my country the age when teenagers start having sex varies. 16-18 in once place, 13-15 in other place. Absolute majority of these are between same age teenagers. Yes, there are cases where the difference like 15 year old with 21 or even 25. Everybody will look at the 25 year old with disapproval. But why make a law like you need to be 2 year older or some arbitrary limit like 18 when that's not how it works in reality? If you are 15 you can have sex. If you don't want to have sex, don't have sex. But if you will have sex - CONCENSUAL - nobody will try to bend the law or make exceptions, making law even harder to understand.

BTW because you can have sex with 15 year old and older it doesn't mean you have to... If you look for 15yo for sex, you are sick, not only psychologically, possibly predator who needs to be watched. And we're still talking about concensual.

Unconcensual? We're not Germany, you will go to jail.
@Killsoty: Czech Republic, you are of age at 15.
@Plasmarift: Because they of course fallen into her pants. That's why he needs to look closely because she cannot see there herself. Or something like that. Does she even need lenses?