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Oh, that one you can just call system.
Wait, is this one from 2000s?
It might require a slight knowledge of lore about furries who change into animals by wearing furry costumes (as in the picture) and do... things... sexual... things...
They are peeking out of their communities to the outside world (Discord mods) bringing out the worst (cub porn).
Hashtag not all, but the most creepy are usually the loudest.
That's what I think of when seeing that picture with text "to better our society".
Also, why neko girls act more like dogs than cats?
@mandalorianjedi: Oh, it was not snarky remark.
I forgot to put question mark there or put it in a question sentence pattern, sorry. Too much of my mother tongue influence.
So I guess she doesn't drink alcohol and doesn't smoke (tobacco/nicotine/sugar)
Kinda on topic but different:
It's like when I see people - even astronomers - call other star/planetary systems "solar system".
"Sol" is the Latin name for Sun, so (S/s)olar system can be the only one we happen to live in.
Does that mean that if I haven't dreamt about a partner, I'm not ready? (insert smiley stroking beard here)
Unless he sleeps next to her she has ****** dreams...
Nope, 18 here...

15 to 18 is grey area where if you make pictures for your lover, he won't be prosecuted, but other person might be.

EDIT: meaning the lover is under 18.
@mandalorianjedi: That's the reason they wake and get it up...
That might get you into trouble, depending where you live, ie. around elementary school for some reason a full squad of local police might show...
But not so big you won't fit into a door...
The whole page mozaics!
Ah, yes, we're talking about skeletons, there's 6,689,648,740 of people with 1 skeletons and 472,470,694 with two skeletons. That is 7,634,590,128 skeletons in whole population.

Mean value is 3,817,295,064 which is more than 3,581,059,717, yep. You are correct.
Let's get autistic:

According to one research based on empirical evidence from 2012, there's 133 pregnant women per 1000 women.

If we take world population in 2013 (7,162,119,434) from which 49.6% was female (3,552,411,240) then it would mean 472,470,694 of women pregnant.

That is roughly 15,16% of population, so far below an average human...

It's 133 women per 1,000 women of ages 15-44 from this paper:
I think we can ignore the 15% miscarriage rate since bones are starting to develop in about 6-8 weeks of pregnancy.
The world population data was taken from here: from year 2013.
I'm sure Jenna said she don't believe in multiverse on her Nobel lecture.
Or should I say: 6 milliards of people