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Hey guys Yolo here, at the moment I've been feeling lost, my 'friends' don't understand, my emotions are everywhere, feels like I've lost, I feel happy whilst I'm in pain, can someone please tell me why 'THEY' threw all the shit at the fan, no one cares, so just leave me, FORGET I ever existed.
Yolo (Alec), a piece of shit.
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*Knocks heads together* No fighting
All hail the floofy Queen :33
@Sky207: As long as it isn't weird, like a certain conversation, then we good
@Sky207: I appear?
@Sky207: Oh BOY, they both dead
@Sky207: So will one kit die? (that reminds me too much of Felenia)
You obtain the Miniature Med kit, inside are a few rolls of bandages, Band-Aids and a whole lot of medicine you don't need.
Alec what do you do?

1. Bandage troll
2. Take his gun
3. Hide

(when choosing write 'Alec, *insert option*' don't add the number, just what it says, like last time)
Who is the character Alec is dressed as and/or what game?
A young creature know as a troll to Alec lands in front of him from almost nowhere, but the roof, gun in left hand and bleeding everywhere.

Alec, what do you do?

1) retrieve bandages from med kit in sylladex
2) take his gun
3) hide

(when choosing write 'Alec, *insert option*' don't add the number, just what it says)
@WiispNightmare: It looks cool, I like it :33
February 25th, 2018
Ask 5, YAY! Almost there guys :33 Keep asking and put some items in, thanks guys :33
February 17th, 2018
Ask 5, one more closer to Smol Troll Alec's appearance, YAY! Ask 6 clothes are chosen, but please leave an ask for Smol Alec and maybe some items, like food or cardboard boxes :33
A, you need to know their plan