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La Brittney
The name's Brittney. Don't forget it, okay? I like comics, drawing, Hot Cheetos, long walks on the beach (wait... where did THAT come from??), and being completely irrelevant.
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I wish I could draw arms too. XDD
This one is meh. But hey, I made a fancy little template for myself. XD
Heheh, I decided to go with that idea after all. =P
Sooo sorry! I'm on vacation in California so I can't update right now. But I've got a few drawn up at home that I will post after this week.
It was wayyy too hot out the other day. I can't stand the heat. But luckily, we only have like a month of summer in Colorado, so it's all good.
You are simply terrifying. xD
I so wanna see one of your shows!
Yes, that was my idea. XD
This looks like it's gonna be interesting!
I want a time machine like that!
Cream does not know the meaning of the words "stay outta trouble".
The box hides it all. XD
I celebrate Easter for the bunnies and easter eggs! I have no idea why though...
OMG... Hilarious! XD
Happy Easter!
Coffee is not very happy about the bunny hood he is being forced to wear. XD
Happy Easter, everyone!
This took me the length of 2 Disney movies to make, hehe. That's how I measure time... by Disney movies. XD
Anyways, this is the first Coffee and Cream comic... just a little intro.
Yay for hospital mischief!
Well I'll miss the comics... but I am looking forward to those games n' animation! =D
It's a work in progress, hehe. I'm still working on the character design. And the storyline. And pretty much everything else. XD