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Just as I was about to introduce a new character and an updated drawing style…

Ice cream fact source: ast-issues/archive-2013-2014/ice-cream-chemistry.html
September 6th, 2017
I’m updating the page numbering format going forward.
So this is the return of the character we first see on page 7.

Updates: I decided to add some chapter headings to pages for now. You can see this on the current page, page one and seven. Also I’ve updated the comic’s description a bit – have a look-see.
Further I attached a character design drawing of Candice this week.
Currently the comic updates either mid-weekly or over weekends.

And lastly thanks again for everyone reading – I appreciate the support! You are awesome!
What exactly are the effects of ‘more-than-more-more’ amounts of magic dust? And when does it start to kick in? She sure could have used it here…
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This incident is based off my own hamster. I didn’t know if it was a boy or a girl, so it ended up with a wrong name (^_^”).
@Lizzy_K: Thanks so much Lizzy_K! Glad you enjoy! ^_^
@JollySyko: yeah :)

- btw Thanks for reading JollySyko!
@mitchellbravo: Thank you so much mitchellbravo!! ^_^
@Tanja: Glad to hear! :) Thanks
@Tanja: Thank you for your support Tanja!! ^_^
Hey everyone. I usually do updates once a week either on Tue,Wed or Thur. It might happen sometimes that I will be doing updates on Mon or Sat – depending if it is a busy week. But will try to keep an update of once a week ^_^ - Thanks.
So true story – I rescued a stray parrot from a dog once, but in the process of the rescue the parrot totally bit a gash into my finger…oww. Guess I drew some inspiration from that.
As mentioned I am switching to an updated drawing style from this week forward. :) njoy
Hey everyone – sorry for the late post, had a very busy week. Remember from next week the comic will be in the updated style.
@davedosejoe: Hi davedosejoe - Thanks so much! It takes a while, but with practice it eventually develops into something, but even I am still working on mine :) All the best, thanks for the support!
Poodle hair emergency = Candice working at a dog parlour
April 12th, 2017
The side effects of magic dust are starting to show…
…a bubble-powered-jetpack…
Footnotes: The small text Candice says is; “and don’t change the topic.” (it is meant to be said inaudibly)
For clarity, the “flying” hamster scene continues in the next panel.