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I am into many things. I will do my best to list them all right here.
Hetalia, Homestuck, Stranger Things, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Finding Dory, Undertale (pacifist route), and The School for Good and Evil.
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Awwwwww sh*t. Can't wait to see what happens next.
No guesses but I like the character design
Awww, cute lil children. <3 I love the wee babs.
She is making me nervous. I don't have a good feeling about her.
@TwoPenxe: I'm sorry
Oops indeed. Nevertheless, good page. :)
@Guest: Thanks anonymous guest, I made it myself for my fanfiction profile.
@Fluff: Good shipping logic btw. I could get into that Pi x Indigo
Ooh mysterious.
Good question Pi. Very good question.
@W-a-l-t-e-r: I did the exact same thing.