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My name is James, the comic inker for the RenegadeArtistCollective. I love reading and creating comics, it is my passion.
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@neko13-san: Samedi really is an interestingly complex character I am glad you have liked him so far! Yeah, it is pretty sad to think about how long he may have been alone for- but he has a family now and takes a lot of care for them!
@ZzizzR: Thank you so much! :>
@neko13-san: Awesome!! I'm curious to know which two out of them are your favorites?
These boys out here, having a sit.
Damien is not the studious type! Vayle is definitely the studying and reading about everything type. He knows the differences between him even and his family, and sort of wants Damien to be prepared.
@tksocrazy: Yeah! Like that! Its sort of the symbol that he is a loa and that he has that magic in him.

(Also yes I am down for the Bleach references)
@neko13-san: Tapers would be the right term! You got this give yourself some cred. They're made out of a stone :>
@tksocrazy: Ohhhh yeah they're booty shorts hahaha

We all need some coffee that can raise the dead in our lives it would certainly help!
@TruelyMe: Think of it like a permanent marking on his skin that happened when he became a loa. He can't take it off but it's not an exposed skull.
It's the next morning, and they have had their time to relax so onto tackling the new day! Gotta start with some coffee and dead jokes.
@tksocrazy: Thank you so much, this comment means so much to me. I'm so glad to hear you like where this is going :>

There is definitely a struggle and separation that is happening between the mythical/loa population and the human population. That will be present throughout the story as it grows. I am gad that it's clear to pick up on!
I will say straight up I do not like when in relationship comics most of the drama comes from lack of communication/support from the couple itself. So mild spoiler alert, but these two are pretty solid in their connection for one another.
@Ariadneowl: thank you so much! And yeah hopefully these boys have a nice meet the family experience at least once.
Yeah Damien's coming out to his family didn't go well. In this society, dating something mythical/magical would not be seen as something accepted to most. Damien's family was one of those that was unaccepting.
Their anniversary night is here, and the dinner is set.

There are two this time!! And a day early!! This is because I graduated college, and this is my last night of guaranteed internet before I drive cross-country. So I wanted to be sure this went up! Thank you for all the support this has gotten thus far.
@CarlitoChico3: Thank you! :> I'm glad you like it thus far
Looks like our boys are about to have some dinner. Also, Vayle is slightly too tall for doorways.
Meet Damien! Vayle's boyfriend, and pronounced anime kid and adrenaline junkie. He loves watching some Boku no Hero Academia before jumping off a cliff into the ocean. Preferably with those long walks on the beach and a nice cuddle sessions thrown in.