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I used to have a real description here, but n00bs around here have forced me to say this:

WHAT IS THEIR PROBLEM?! I've said repeatedly that PrtSc Land USED to be screenshots only and has since evolved (not really by much yet, but if they hadn't gotten rid of 99.999% of my inspiration to make more comics...), but I still have only four REAL fans. And back when Legend of MattsterMaster's Layout Images was still here, despite my pointing out that it was ONLY layout images and not a comic, people still mistook it for one and posted stuff like "S*** S*** S*** S*** S*** S*** S*** S***" (but unfortunately it wasn't censored there). If those n00bs are going to ignore everything I say, then I may never have the inspiration to get PrtSc Land far enough for me to end it with the only actually-playable Smash Bros. parody on this site (that I know of). And that's THEIR loss.

In conclusion, listen up when MattsterMaster's talkin' to ya.
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Nah I think Rosalina is a prettier name.
Well, the more fans I have, the more fun it is to make comics. Which is one of the reasons why this is still the newest strip 2 1/2 months after I made it.
Yes, even though this is only the fifteenth comic and I have only four REAL fans, this is technically the second anniversary, since I celebrate anniversaries based on when the original version was started. Oh, and expect future comics to be funnier than this.
To not confuse future generations: Jennifer posted that comment after she got her first cameo.
You're obviously not a generic Neopets user, then. Articles in the Neopian Times say not to name Neopets like that, but how was I supposed to know that when I first started playing Neopets? Plus, that was back before I was creative, too.
To not confuse later generations: "It looks very spiffy" was posted during the second revamp.
Added after second revamp to explain whole comic
Once-- ****ONCE**** is the key word here-- this was a screenshot-based comic about Windows error messages, Neopets, and ICQ. Though most of the jokes were just text written on them with no actual comic, I made actual Neopets fancomics as the jokes for some. Eventually, non-Neopets characters appeared as well, and it ended up with each strip being screenshot(s) and/or actual comic. The turning point came when I threw in Dido for no reason, and the other turning point came when I threw in Enya for no reason, as those ended up influencing the main plot I finally decided on later (them hating each other, the other characters taking sides). Yes, those aren't the most popular celebrities, but I'm trying to make an original comic, y'know? Anyways, all that time, it was never a webcomic; I just sent the comics to my sisters and a friend of one of my sisters via ICQ. It was also horribly done, but still made a little sense because I hadn't rejected anything. In fact, I've considered uploading the original style as a separate comic once Dido or Enya is finally defeated in this comic.
After 456 strips, I finally decided to make it a webcomic, but there was one catch: I had to delete a few strips that were...weird...and very hard to explain. Stuff like Neopian faeries randomly getting fat. WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?! Anyways, once I deleted those, some of the rest ended up making less sense, due to the deleted strips being referenced in those. Eventually, the black hole of deletion left only 50 strips. I revamped those and uploaded them, then added about five or six regular updates. I kind of found it strange that the only REAL fans I had were the original fans and SirLarr, but I never knew why until people told me what they didn't like about the comic: half the strips made no sense, despite the fact that I explained a bunch of stuff in the author comments. So, there are now only 11 strips of the original version (revamped again); then two of the regular updates before The Criticizing (one was revamped, one I couldn't since it's in Kingdom of Loathing style), then since none of those actually have anything to do with the new plot, I made a new strip to introduce that. Anything after that is a new regular update. Or, to make things simpler, you should only hate the comic if the strips that have the current logo on them usually make no sense. And when I think about how many strips I've rejected, Princess Rosalina (from Super Mario Galaxy, in case you didn't know) seems extremely cheerful compared to me, so I can only hope all that trouble was worth it...
Also, don't take this to mean "skip to comic 14". Some people might like the old ones (my friends do), so you might want to read those, but if you don't like them, don't hate the whole comic.
I finally got the plot to make sense compared to the old introduction. If you still don't think the plot makes sense, here's what the old plot intro was like:
ENYA: *draws a line on the ground* Dido will never know what hit her!
DIDO: *shows up*
ENYA: Let's race somewhere. I'm not sure where. Ready? Go!
DIDO: *jumps out of the comic, possibly giving the false notion that Enya's room in-comic is in a void* Eat my dust! Which is the sand in my shoes.

What was I thinking when I made that?! Anyways, although the main plot is the conflict between Dido and Enya, about half the strips will be random gags (though better than the first few), and the other half will be plot-related, usually by a conflict between a random Dido supporter and a random Enya supporter. I may even do a screenshot-based one every now and then for old-time's sake, albeit in an "I actually kinda know what people seem to want now" way.

And in case you didn't know, panel 6 is a Pixel Comic reference and panel 7 is a SpongeBob reference. Felt like I had to explain that so I wouldn't get comments that say "What do hand motions have to do with their songs?" and "HOW ON EARTH COULD YOU MISTAKE BLUE FOR YELLOW?!".

Also, since it's kinda hard to understand the dialogue order in panel 13, here is what I wanted: Each side's formerly-rejected members' dialogue goes from top to bottom at the same time (i.e. Celine Dion and Jhudora at about the same time, Bowser and Peach at about the same time, etc.), except after Homsar's line, in which case it goes Gir, Zim, Robina Hood, Jennifer.

I'm still open for constructive criticism if you still don't understand something (I'm autistic, so there's bound to be something I forgot to explain).

And "squeezebox scoundrel" is the level 6 title of an Accordian Bandit.

EDIT: I meant AccordiOn Thief.

By the way, just so you know, there won't be any updates to this comic for a while. I've been trying to revamp all of the past strips. Well, I was, until I realized that people STILL don't like the comic, in spite of the fact that the new style looks like it was done in Photoshop yet was actually done in Paint. So, I'm not working on the comic until more people like it.

EDIT: More people like it now.
So there actually will be an electric melon?
I don't get it...
Typo... it says "What's this light that went THAT WENT out labeled 'pride'?"
Poor kitty!
Poor kitty!
Um, it's a joke. Enya is fine.
Actually, I think SmackJeeves was having maintenance done, because it wouldn't work on mine or my sister's computer either.
Yay for stickman biology!