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i come here literally just for pokemon comics
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    Hulk Hogan
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All these pages have a really nice aesthetic to them with the panels fading to white and everything and that’s all I’d like to say keep it up
@WaxingGibbous1256: im late but this comment is gold
@Guest: he’s a Roland
@Bwsrfn11: Probably not
Drinking game:
every time Avis asks a stupid question take a shot
Where the heck is dusknoir
Good to see this comic’s still going.
W8 what’s the upload schedule again?
@Zanar_Naryon: Because there can't be other Audinos in the pmd universe.
"Don't mind me, imma just take my stuff and leave.
'Scuse me please"
Mewtwo doesn't look like a cat to me.

He looks more like a purple bat without wings.
If the focus leaves Rodney for three, four pages, everyone seems to forget about him.
Its weird how these short pages get very few comments
@Azurun: oh, you just know the author is saving him for later.
Wouldn't all Pizza technically be boneless?
@Oshawarrior: It's just a whole lotta not good