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Hello! My name is Jaska Pirkka Kauppila. I'm from Finland, Kotka. My primary hobbies are drawing, taking walks and playing computer games. I also collect Warhammer Age of Sigmar miniatures.

I guess my job currently is that of making comics. My main project is called "Legend of Zhathar", which I want to share with you and hope you'll enjoy reading as much as I enjoy making it. Please support this comic in my patreon page if you like it.
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I will go on a couple weeks long break. No new comic pages for a while.
Sorry for taking longer than usual. Here's more pages for you to read.
Next week there'll be no new pages. I have some other stuff to do. I'll be back the week after that.
And here it is, the cover for my 2nd comic, along with some pages to go with. Comic will be regularly updating again every monday.
This is a teaser image of my next book. It will take still quite some time before I start actually making pages for this next comic, but I've already started script writing process.
Final page of the first book
This is it right here folks. My first comic's final page. Big thanks to all people who read this comic and especially to those who have given some feedback or some positive comment. Those few words of encouragement or praise or random questions/etc. you might ask massively boost my motivation to continue this comic (although money would be even greater motivator).

Anyhow, there is not gonna be comic page updates for quite some time. I will release some artwork here to remind people that I'm still in business, plus I will release fairly soon teaser image regarding the next book. Meanwhile you can go and visit my deviantart page: if you want to see more stuff related to my comic and some that is not related to my comic.
Just a new more promotional cover for the comic.
I'm glad you're enjoying it :)
This is where it all begins....