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Hello, random person seeing my profile! I am NFNRstudios, or MBen to some (looking at you, people from P2), or Linden to a few more. Now, I'm not sure how to describe myself other than saying that I'm a procrastinating mess, so onto some interests of mine!
-MLP (But I'm kinda falling out of that fandom, sorry)
-Pokémon (Pokespe in particular)
-Roleplaying (Y'all can find me on Shamchat sometimes)
And there's some things I do other than draw and roleplay, like animate and program.
Y'all need art tips? I have art tips, like good materials and how to shade and shapes and...yeah.

Also important, please use they/them pronouns. Thank you!

There is no way I actually write like this in conversation. I tend to use a lot of exclamation points, ellipses (I think they're called that), and emotions (^し^)
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Hi! Um, I've done a lot of alterations to this comic, and then gave up on figuring out which way the story would go, so I figured: hey, this would be best as an ask blog! The link to it is here:
I hope you like it :D
Wait Pinkeevee, you play Stardew Valley too?? What about Rune Factory?
"She Must Atone For Her Crimes"
I remember the number for this old commercial that never airs anymore but I can't remember any of my friends' numbers
Ayyyyyyyyy ^_^
@Guest: Heart attack. My mom knows cpr. I died but lived.
XD I remember when I tried doing that
"It's just a prank bro"
I died laughing
From a scientific standpoint, before 25.
From a philosophical standpoint, before birth.
From a personal standpoint, before college.
I heard senate members are starting to call for impeachment.
Though, that worries me, as Pence (probably, this part of politics is somewhat confusing to me) would be next in line.
*excited screaming*
One time someone brought a duck onboard a train I was on
I'm stressed. I'm hurt. I'm scared. Loud noises make me tear up. People yelling my name makes me run away, even if it's friendly. Because my dad, that sick son of a gun! He berates me over things I can't control, like teachers having lives and my medical bills. I'm honestly afraid he'll hit me.
I want to die, but I know other people want me alive. My friends. So I've just given up on emotion. I'm just here to help. What else can I do, anyways? I can't cry, I can't vent, they think I'm brave.

Dear god, I'm sorry I posted this. I needed to get this out.
You have a really nice style: a good ole' pop art type. The lines are sharp, the shading is bold, the colors are bright; it draws attention. Yet, some of the lines are blurred, giving the Jolteon an actual body and not a box-skeleton. A quick bit of critique is erasure: there's a few places where the lines don't fit well, like the eye, but overall, I love this piece (^し^)
Same here, it looks good!
Aghudvsngrafsfwahgexw Feet are hard! Shading is hard! I quit life, time to be a blanket burrito!
Y'know, the Alt text will come in handy in the story.

I think I'll put comics in color, but there'll be less panels.
@diamonwarrior: A live broadcast on anything, like speed paints, NFL, and conversation
Though I'm not Pinkeevee, Oliver is male

Also idk when Eevee Academy will update but check monthly because that's the usual schedule for it