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A random girl who like Pokemon, video games, chocolate cookies, manga, anime and dragons. Pretty much that. Oh, my first language isn't English, it's French, so sorry if there's any faults.
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I'm confused.
I'm not sure if Tea is male or female or whatever. Do someone knows?
Wow, she made a point here, Rudolf.

Cool page, I love how you do facial expressions.
I... I think Wallis is sad because he thinks that Purple has a thing for Nim.
It's beautiful. And very cute too. Can't wait for the next page!

EDIT: Wait, I just saw it, Poppy GRAVES. And poppy are also a symbol of Remembrance Day, the day to remember soldier who died in World War II. Puns?
YES! THEY KISSED! I'm so happy right noooow...
So, there's two possible outcomes to this. Either Team Aqua gets annihilated AGAIN, or Kotone goes down after an intense battle and they're in more trouble than ever.

Either ways, it's gonna look cool as shit!

And btw, since when did she have a FREAKING TYRANITAR?!?
He's adorable. Really. ^_^
@Ian Evans: Exodia, Obliterate!
I really like Epona. She's so cute! And stupid.
@ambat: Meh, if he can survive me, he can handle the pig.
Great, now I want a vampire pig as my pet! He could get my little brother out of my room.
Holy Sh*t, poor Courtney
I don't think these other Grunts will try to take Crys on.
Courtney, you just don't realize that you woke up a real monster. Oh, and don't count on me to be at your funerals.
Dun dun DUUUN! *le gasp* Revelation!
I love you, Fish.
They're soooo cute! ^_^
Well, at least he can sell Phantom's face to the Happy Mask Salesman.