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A random girl who like Pokemon, video games, chocolate cookies, manga, anime and dragons. Pretty much that. Oh, my first language isn't English, it's French, so sorry if there's any faults.
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@Ian Evans: Exodia, Obliterate!
I really like Epona. She's so cute! And stupid.
@ambat: Meh, if he can survive me, he can handle the pig.
Great, now I want a vampire pig as my pet! He could get my little brother out of my room.
Holy Sh*t, poor Courtney
I don't think these other Grunts will try to take Crys on.
Courtney, you just don't realize that you woke up a real monster. Oh, and don't count on me to be at your funerals.
Dun dun DUUUN! *le gasp* Revelation!
I love you, Fish.
They're soooo cute! ^_^
Well, at least he can sell Phantom's face to the Happy Mask Salesman.
Ouch indeed, I only moved twice, and I can't even remember the first time because I was like, two or three years old. Must be difficult moving as often as her.
Continue like that! ^_^ You are truly beautiful.
Wow, you are so pretty! ^_^ I'm very happy for you!
Well, they are screwed. An angry Ruby is on the way.
I guess it has something to do with the demon/ghost they tried to summon earlier?
Evil kids ftw ^_^
Angelophilia, I'm not sure if I want to know what it is...
What the hell is happening?