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Schools almost out!
I had eleven missing assignments I need to finish. I've mowed down half of them. In other news, sorry this page doesn't look very nice. Like I said... eleven missing assignments.
I hope Dell's gonna pop out and be like,
I hate when this happens.
But, but... why here?! WHY HERE?!
Also yee only six weeks of school left. :3
"Oh I'm fine just got my leg crushed off and having crazy nightmares and also petunias gone so there's that."
I like winter better than summer, because you can just put on a few layers. But summer, you need like eight fans, fourteen windows and no clothes.
)= Nooo Petunia save her!
Extra page! I really wanted to draw more of Shark Gal. (And that face on a cat.)
OOOH Page :3
Don't worry, little anger alien is always angry. At everything. Broke his lamp? Angry. Bake a cake? Angry.

Also, the other character is called Shark Gal. <=
I don't like eggs. But I love chocolate!!! So chocolate bunnies and Easter Candies are delicious!
Oh boy! It's a bad joke!!! OH BOY!!!
I'm bored in class... HERES ANOTHER PAGE!!!
Hey I'm feelin' random!

This did have color, but it looks WAY better in black and white!
Wow it looks nice there all sunny and stuff but NOT HERE!
Mustaches will rule all.
Hey look a page.

... I don't like Mondays.
Page 1 WOOOOO!!!
It's a dog. It's not a fox. Just to be clear... WOOO first real page!
First page! Hi everyone! Like it says in the comic, I hope you enjoy!
MMMM Look at that fire!
I tried out some new background techniques. I don't know if it's good at all but I still hope you like it! :-3
Hey! I'm back!
Sorry, I've been away from this for a while. But I got a better (and much more efficient) program to make these pages with. So expect more soon!
Well that took a while.
I had some things come up (dentist apt, school) so this page is later than usual. There will probably be another by next Friday. :3