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Naked underaged jail bait chest is win.
Woah, who knew I'd stumble upon a really well-drawn RikuxSora doujinshi(if any at all) on SJ!

Your art reminds me of my favorite KH doujin-circle, RS, so obviously I love-love-love it~ Can't wait for more pages.
Ooh! Donkey Skin is one of my favorite fairytales, definitely one of the more dark and morbid. <3
Wow, thanks for the screentone link! ;D

And Yuni is so cute!
LOL~~ Are the 'anf anf' supposed to be ecchi noises?

A question regarding your comic process...what program do you use to put your tones and shades in? ;D
Valentine's Day
May you all spend it with your loved ones...
whomever or whatever it may be. LOL
The closed laptop looks like a taco....
Nuri's turn
3 pages by Nuri.

I think 3 might be our magic number, LOL.
Evy Start
First 3 pages by Evy.