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Lucid is a 99th level goth that draws boys kissing for a living. The best way to contact her is by emailing her at missllllucid(at)

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December 21st, 2018
Episode 3 is here! Please read on because SJ does not format scrolling comics correctly!

You can get up to three episodes ahead on my patreon:
September 14th, 2018
Episode 2 is here! Please read on because SJ does not format scrolling comics correctly!

You can get up to three episodes ahead on my patreon: htt://
Episode 1 is now available publicly! Read the full episode on . I will not be uploading the full comic here since SJ is not formatted in any way shape or form to host a scrolling comic.

You can get up to three episodes ahead on my patreon: htt://

I've hidden comments on SJ bc I don't have the time to moderate comments anywhere rn!
August 27th, 2017
Hello! I’ve launched my new website for Avialae, so I’ll be redirecting all smackjeeves traffic over to I will continue to post update images here, so you will still get notifications on smackjeeves whenever there is a new page.

Smackjeeves has been a good home for me in the past, but I’ve really outgrown it as a webcomic creator. Thanks for all your support and I hope you like the new website!

I have a detailed news post here: with the details of the launch and what is to come in the next few weeks!
August 18th, 2017
@Guest: god bless you
This is the last page of Chapter 3! Sorry about the cliffhanger lmao.

I am taking a week off before starting chapter 4 because I literally have not taken a break from this comic in over two years. Chapter 4 has already started on Patreon, and it will start publicly on September 21st.
August 18th, 2017
@Hides in the corner: it's just you.
@Merrsharr: that's not what real hair looks like either. ~*stylization*~
@Miss.Moonlily7: Yeah the books have been out for awhile. You don't have to worry about the site getting shut down as I have three other mirror site and another one in the works.
@Robertpenn: they don't have an official rule on explicit content from what I can find. I think they make decisions about this on a case by case basis. I remember shark teeth got taken down bc one of the characters was underage. Not sure about the other one. I think they're okay with it as long as sex isn't the majority of what the comic is. I'm getting a new external website made to replace this one anyways so it won't matter in another month or so.
@just here: bailey has glasses you can bet ur ass he's gonna bottom one day
@Guest: they're just banned from commenting. There's no way to block someone's IP address from viewing the comic!
@portisHeart: not everyone needs a husband to have meaning in their life. If y'all want to talk about your husbands' freaky banana dicks there are forums for that. I monitor comments to make sure you don't drag the rest of us into it. Readers are here to read my comic, not your dear penthouse articles.
@Pikinipiki: lol yeah she's pretty notorious among some of the BL authors here. I should have banned her a long time ago, but her comments were so outrageous my love for atrocity tourism won. And thank you for the support! I can't always monitor comments closely, so if someone is posting gross shit feel free to contact me and I'll ban them.
Another reminder that I do monitor the comments here, and if you post gross shit you will be banned. It makes other readers uncomfortable, and I personally don't want those comments on the same page I present my work. I post this comic for free, so the least you can do is not be a cunt and follow the rules.

tldr: get a livejournal.
@yasha.queen: Sweetheart I know more about your proclivities and your husband's dick than I ever want to. What you post isn't "critique" or even lewd. It's just gross. I usually take screencaps of comments before I delete them and you're the only person I have an entire folder dedicated to. The only reason I haven't banned you yet is because my love for internet atrocity tourism is so great. But this far no further. Goodbye, queen.
@yasha.queen: bitch it ain't tho. i have the authority to ban whoever I want and you have been on the fucking edge for a long time. this isn't livejournal.
with the oil of olivier
@M-24: I just don't want to read about heat cycles and mpreg in my comment section. This ain't ao3. : )