Lucid is a 99th level goth that draws boys kissing for a living. The best way to contact her is by emailing her at missllllucid(at)

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@Pikinipiki: lol yeah she's pretty notorious among some of the BL authors here. I should have banned her a long time ago, but her comments were so outrageous my love for atrocity tourism won. And thank you for the support! I can't always monitor comments closely, so if someone is posting gross shit feel free to contact me and I'll ban them.
@yasha.queen: Sweetheart I know more about your proclivities and your husband's dick than I ever want to. What you post isn't "critique" or even lewd. It's just gross. I usually take screencaps of comments before I delete them and you're the only person I have an entire folder dedicated to. The only reason I haven't banned you yet is because my love for internet atrocity tourism is so great. But this far no further. Goodbye, queen.
@yasha.queen: bitch it ain't tho. i have the authority to ban whoever I want and you have been on the fucking edge for a long time. this isn't livejournal.
with the oil of olivier
@M-24: I just don't want to read about heat cycles and mpreg in my comment section. This ain't ao3. : )
@Otakumom: I think u mean delicioso
friendly reminder that if you say weird shit in the comments i'm probably going to delete them! i know this is a sex scene and y'all are excited, but no one wants to read about your personal sex life or ABO theories. if this continues to be a problem I will turn off comments here. thank u.
@xcmjx: don't give up on ur ass eating dreams they're my dreams too
@Chibi.Potato: doujinshi. lol thank u
@BloodStainBlades003: ah I haven't queued pages here through the latest patreon update! SJ isn't great for keeping up with that and I can't time it accurately with how their system works. I'm getting a new site to replace this one in the next month or two that will solve this problem tho!!
HELLO IT’S HERE. I finally finished the first episode of the relaunch of Impact Theory! Only $14+ patrons have access to it now, but I will be releasing it publicly eventually. This is how it works:

$14+ patrons get access to Impact Theory 3 episodes ahead

$10+ patrons get access to Impact Theory 2 episodes ahead

$5+ patrons get access to Impact Theory 1 episode ahead

Since there is only one episode up, only $14+ patrons can read it right now. When I finish the next one, $10+ patrons will be able to read it, so on and so forth. Once I’m far enough ahead, I will be releasing it publicly on my new website (the website launch is delayed due to my developer having health issues!!). The update schedule is tentatively 1 episode a month but it might fluctuate for these next few months.

You can read more here if you are interested! Public updates will start in a few months.
Hi if u think I was gonna make him not have sex in those garters u haven't met me.

Also hi if you're here from tapas bc it's a garbage site that doesn't allow explicit content. Keep it in line or I'll disable comments here. Or ban you.
I did lettering for that first panel at like 4am and accidentally wrote "snak" so he's just havin a nip nop snak.

I'm at Anime Expo this weekend, table J02.

I'm at Anime Expo this weekend, table J02.
Brush da nip ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I'll be at Anime Expo this weekend, table J02.
Kabedon more like kabedork am I right ha ha

I'll be at Anime Expo next weekend, table J02.
At least the horrible exes have eachother.

I'll be at Anime Expo next weekend, table J02.
@AnnieDarling: here: however, the doujinshi are not there as they are patreon exclusive.