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@nikiforov: you've mostly got it! Also like. Remember how they didn't have reciprocated sex until after Gannet confessed to him at the end of chapter 2? Bailey turned down the blow job in the car for a reason.
@TomoDatDorkHiro: Sometimes people need those definitions to give clarity to their sexuality. Of course most straight/gay/bi people want an emotional connection with someone before they have intercourse, but with demisexuality there's no in-between. Straight/gay/bi people can have one night stands or have sex while they're still figuring out their relationship. Bailey feels insecure in their relationship right now, and even though he wants to engage in sex he can't because he doesn't feel that attraction.

I go more into this in the next couple pages so maybe read those before dismissing a character's canonical sexuality.
Sexuality is a spectrum, and birds can see more colors than humans can, so really Gannet should have seen this coming.

I'm at Fanime this weekend! Table 903 near the entrance in the AA!
Finally, someone who isn't an emotional infant.

I'll be at Fanime this weekend! Table 903 near the entrance in the AA!
Gannet vents.

I'll be at Fanime next weekend! Table 903 near the entrance in the AA!
This is by far the worst thing I've done to one of my OCs and I FEEL BAD HE CAN'T GET WASTED
Ha ha oh no I made myself sad :(
@b3nc0: it's all good, don't be discouraged!! I was just confused and wanted to make sure I didn't actually misspell something on the page.
@b3nc0: "boy howdy" is an idiomatic expression and what you suggested doesn't really make sense as a replacement so I didn't catch that at all, sorry!
@pixieprince: Also, I see on your profile that you are 16, and you should absolutely not be reading this comic. :)
@pixieprince: they are aged up so yuri is 19 in the doujin. I'm not a ding dong, y'all.
@b3nc0: idk if you're joking or not but it's 100% "badly" my dude
boy howdy
Oh nooo;;; lmao thank you for being patient with these two. I promise the payoff is worth it. ;^)
hachi machi
I see that a lot of u were excited by the otayuri cameo...if ur interested, my doujin circle just put out an otayuri doujin! We also have a victuuri doujin~~
Gannet has 10,000 party points and Bailey has like. 2.

Ayy spot the Thistlewine ( and Theurgy ( cameos. ;^)
@Yomikoreadsalot: Bailey's pocket
There's ur stucky, America. (btw no I will not draw stucky fan art. it is nice but not my thing.)