Lucid is a 99th level goth that draws boys kissing for a living. The best way to contact her is by emailing her at missllllucid(at)

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At least the horrible exes have eachother.

I'll be at Anime Expo next weekend, table J02.
@AnnieDarling: here: however, the doujinshi are not there as they are patreon exclusive.
Hallo the next NSFW Avialae doujin is now available for $10+ patrons!

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Bailey gets frisky in the pool.

Friendly reminder that $5+ patrons are 10 pages ahead of this page and are in NSFW Zone currently.
@Quadrant: I have. Several times. It's like Tetris with the human form and it sucks to draw.
@BodaciousBody: NO water is never acceptable as lube you will get hurt
I'm always kind of disappointed in myself whenever I get to page 69 in a chapter and there's no 69ing. Then I remember it is the worst thing to draw.
Make us free na splash kaseneta ??
@Animerules!: they let you upload more than one at a time. I just have an update schedule, found in the FAQ page.
@Supernova9817: lmao my sense of humor is just really dry and I'm dead inside
@yasha.queen: IDK it seems like you want to consume him as a sandwich in some form and by all accounts boy sandwiches count as vore. None of your comments have made sense to me tho, so what do I know.
@yasha.queen: sure. regardless, please don't vore my son.
@yasha.queen: yeah and you don't say "I want to make a bread sandwich"
@yasha.queen: please don't vore my son.
@just curious: oh that is a typo
Thank u for the kind comments on the last page and to everyone who helped explain things to people who asked. I'm asexual and this type of representation is important to me. And if you think it's made up garbage I sincerely don't give a fuck. This isn't for you.

I'm at Fanime this weekend, AA table 903.
@TomoDatDorkHiro: Just because you can't be respectful of other people's sexualities doesn't mean I can't ban you.
@nikiforov: you've mostly got it! Also like. Remember how they didn't have reciprocated sex until after Gannet confessed to him at the end of chapter 2? Bailey turned down the blow job in the car for a reason.
@TomoDatDorkHiro: Sometimes people need those definitions to give clarity to their sexuality. Of course most straight/gay/bi people want an emotional connection with someone before they have intercourse, but with demisexuality there's no in-between. Straight/gay/bi people can have one night stands or have sex while they're still figuring out their relationship. Bailey feels insecure in their relationship right now, and even though he wants to engage in sex he can't because he doesn't feel that attraction.

I go more into this in the next couple pages so maybe read those before dismissing a character's canonical sexuality.
they kissin