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Mega Man
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I'd like to point out: 16 days ago, we hit the 1 year anniversary of this arc.
And we're only 2 Robot Masters in.
Granted, we had a lot of buildup to the fights, but at this point, yeah.
Then again, Rhythm's working on the Mega Man RPG Prototype, so I can't complain.
@Megaman XTasy: Huh. So the Kunai idea wasn't as far off as it could've been.
@Funnyhappy1: Actually, no. That's just a stereotype. They were primarily used as trowels for gardening.
I am offense, Dr Leaf. Not cool!
@Bt Man-Shadowy Hero From 200X: Do you have cheddar popcorn?
@DHK1989: I'm really liking this story, and I'm sad to see it go, as we're getting closer and closer to the end. Are you going to do a similar one for Mega Man 6/7?
Straight people get the most boring flag.
@Nashew: Yes, but he's swarmed by them. Then again, light and Cossack bots.
Oh, Wiley. Why would you think Mega Man hasn't come prepared?