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this is why i love volt lol
who is the eevee?
read until the end PLEASE:

okay, so when i first joined smack jeeves, i had alot of comic ides to choose from: and i ended up choosing EWW as my comic.
and that is how it has always been.

but that might change.

i have been thinking of writing two comics. with my second one being a PMD comic.

here is what would happen if i were to have two comics:

1: i would update less on EWW obviously.

2: i update whatever i feel motivated to, there would be periods where i work on one comic more than another.

3: i would have a new comic, DUH

4: the new comic has almost no plot, so i cant really say how this one would turn out.

here is the poll. if you read this, PLEASE VOTE.
i can't listen to it bc i don't have an account... oh well i'm sure it's great. :D
oh, and btw guys, you know you can ask any of the characters, not just cancer, right?
I won't tell you who these mon areee
I doodled them. :)
This was my moms birthday present... I totally forgot to post it earlier.
@Pokemon Fun and Craziness: yeah, i hear you...

the hero IS always kind of just thrown into things.

that was pretty abrupt lol.
wait, so...

is the banette umbry's partner?

shinka the last eevee is the comic that brought me to smackjeeves!

i'm so excited!
I know this won't mean much since I don't have many fans, but I'm doing this anyway. Feel free to ask away!
i submitted a background eevee and i'm putting it here.
not to mention he has a type disadvantage.