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@Neolancer: are you talking about yourself or me? if you are talking about me i just opened this page today.
you can see her skirt in the third panel, but it disappears by the last panel???
This is number two :)
Once upon a school day, everybody in my class doodled on the whiteboard, so I am posting everybody's art who gave me permisssion!
Yeah I think it's a trap to get her to stop touching everything­čśů
yayyyy my computers alive again! :D

here is the redraw of lady wifi, and if you want, here is a link to the episode she appeared in (you can also find it on netflix :P):
is the umbreon umbry? probably not, but whatevs.
This is a triple stryke from how to train your dragon. I drew this from memory, so sorry if it looks weird.
I wanted to try something a little different than a random wolf, so I doodled this in school.

ok guys. i have two ideas to run by you.

1: I have an idea for a comic. maybe a comic where readers can post pages, and the readers can decide where the story goes? It sounds like a fun idea, and I'm wanting to try it out. would you guys be interested?

2: for my next art, i am going to do a villan from miraculous ladybug. which one of these villans sound most interesting?

lady wifi
the pharaoh
stormy weather
I made this in math as a test for texture. The neck is the texture for messy fur and hair, the body is the texture for sleek fur, and the tail is the texture for bushy fur. What do you think? Should I use these in my art?
these two are my favorite ship of all time :D

and also, i can't human.
Nice! I love it!
Here is another doodle in school that I made. You can see my Spanish work on it...
Sure! Send me a lInk when you're done!
Okay... the paper was crinkled, but the art seems okay... I think? Anyway, this is an art trade for dragonmoonwolf.