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@RealBoxTheEevee: there used to be another UTS but the author deleted that and made this one instead.
is he like, half evolved so that he is half shinx, half luxio?
that plaque tho... :criiiiinge:
is his father dead or something? that would be sad, but now that i think about it if he was alive he would be there to see mytew off...
ref (please excuse my bad drawing skills and laziness when drawing Tina):

diamond the mawile.
member of team fantasy.
she looks like a normal mawile, but she wears a scarf and carries her teams bag.
she is the brains of her team and Tina's voice of reason. she is strong, smart, and a quick thinker.

Tina the espurr.
member of team fantasy.
looks like a normal espurr, but she wears her team scarf.
she is reckless and often gets herself in danger, and constantly has to be saved by diamond. she has a very positive attitude and stays calm under pressure.
this is just a ref for a cameo. i had nowhere to put it so i put it here :)
flashback time! kinda? maybe?
wait, did the eevee kill the mom? it looks like it is her paws with blood on them.
@ShadowStalker1128: it's ok you are right. i have been really annoyed that i could not shade twilight, so changing his fur to dark grey would be a good idea.
@ShadowStalker1128: the first two chapters have some references from wings of fire, yes. but i don't want to reference too much and starting chapter three i won't put any more wings of fire references.
hey guys!
sorry for the big delay! life has been happening and i did not have a lot of time to work on this comic. i will try to make future updates more frequent and try not to have any more long waits. thx for being so patient!
It is ok. Take as much time as you need. We understand. (Nice scetches btw. i am excited to meet these new characters!)
Last panel lol times infinity!
Supah snazzay connection orb
Will this comic be continued? It has been a year...
@BowtheSylveon: huh? no...
if it is okay with you, can you remove the fillers and announcements to the unchaptered section? sometimes i like to reread this comic and i get annoyed with the fillers near the end...
Now it's a serious matter...
I think maka looks even cuter when she is all fluffy.