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Floofy arceus! :D
ummm. nice and totally not creepy eyes, umbry! (hides in corner.)
Is this extra chapter based off of the song "you do it for him" from Steven universe?
I just noticed is that a squirtle squad member?
@Bwsrfn11: in pokemon sun and moon they made it so fairy is weak to ghost to make primarina and decidueye work.
Lol I totally remember that in the game!
wait a second. i think umbry is slowly turning back into a umbreon. first her eye color changed and now there's the change in the last panel...
the twins kind of remind me of Ruffnut and Tuffnut from how to train your dragon
@oGERTEXOMx: guys plz don't fight. i don't want anybody swearing or insulting anybody, ok?
:legasp!: tooothlessssss
its a golden looplet, silly!
@RealBoxTheEevee: there used to be another UTS but the author deleted that and made this one instead.
is he like, half evolved so that he is half shinx, half luxio?
that plaque tho... :criiiiinge:
is his father dead or something? that would be sad, but now that i think about it if he was alive he would be there to see mytew off...
ref (please excuse my bad drawing skills and laziness when drawing Tina):

diamond the mawile.
member of team fantasy.
she looks like a normal mawile, but she wears a scarf and carries her teams bag.
she is the brains of her team and Tina's voice of reason. she is strong, smart, and a quick thinker.

Tina the espurr.
member of team fantasy.
looks like a normal espurr, but she wears her team scarf.
she is reckless and often gets herself in danger, and constantly has to be saved by diamond. she has a very positive attitude and stays calm under pressure.
this is just a ref for a cameo. i had nowhere to put it so i put it here :)
flashback time! kinda? maybe?