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Aura flame

ima person.

a person who likes to draw.

and likes to read, and is socially awkward.

i have a comic called eeveelutions world war, and an art dump so, yeah.


:the wild auraflame fled!:
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i think frost's head looks a bit weird, but other than that this is ok.
@shinyumbreon888: i meant the refs that were completed. sylveon and leafeon's refs are being made.
here we go, now the refs are all in EWW
@HollyTheFluffyCat: ohhhh yeahhhh i remember themmm
who are these guys? are they from a comic?
here is blaize's ref, in which i was too lazy to put in shading colors for the eyes.
yep i'm baaack

I promise i will work really hard to make up for the week i was gone :D
here is twilight's ref! :D

he is so short lol

oh, and i'm going to not update EWW until i get these refs done, sorry. i know i was just gone for like nine months
@Midnight-fox18: google drive...

it's not the best, but it serves my purpose.
i realized i never revealed sparks new design so heeere it is! in ref form!

so um, yeah. in the reboot spark is going to look a lot different.
ahhhh now i have a background, a banner, and some arrows :DDDDD

thank you SO MUCH shad!
Aura flame
March 17th, 2018
@WildfireK:well when you have art like mine, anything you draw looks amazing to me XD
Aura flame
March 17th, 2018
@WildfireK: i don't think it's blech. what about it is bad?
@ShadowStalker1128: luckyyyy 😭