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Aura flame

ima person.

a person who likes to draw.

and likes to read, and is socially awkward.

i have a comic called eeveelutions world war, and an art dump so, yeah.


:the wild auraflame fled!:
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omg thank youuuuu ahhhhhh :D
yay i'm back with a slight style change too because INCONSISTENCY :D
wow the backgrounds you make are freaking amazing XD
a care bears band aid?

it must have been worth it then XD
ugh. I hate shots. I have a phobia too, so I feel your pain. ;w;

try reading something like a poster in the room, usually there are some in the doctor's offices in the area where I live. it can help distract you when you get the shot.
@WiispNightmare: ohhhh

Now I see it. That was unintentional XD
ahhhhhh thank youuuuu

You guys both write beautifully! I like both of your poems :D
nice! that was really fast XD

ummmm i would ask you to write something about one of my eeveelutions but you prob don't know anything about them because i am so inconsistent XD

i guess maybe i will request something about sanctus? because i can give information on his background without spoiling the plot of EWW XD

basically the other legendaries, who sanctus was really close to, went out to stop shadow from hurting mons, and died in the process.
sanctus was kept from the fight by the other legends, and when he did find them, they were already dead. sanctus feels responsible for the whole incident.

i feel like am asking for a lot, so if you don't want to do my request, i understand
Can’t wait! :D
It’s okay! People should support all sexualities, heterosexuality included :)