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Aura flame
My profile picture was made by Wiispnightmare, she’s an amazing artist go so make sure to check out her art dump XD

Hello! my username is Aura flame but everyone calls me Aura. I post art (and trash) here on smackjeeves but I’m not very consistent with updates lmao

I’m rebooting my old Pokemon comic Eeveelutions World War and changing it from a Pokemon comic to a more dystopian theme, so if anyone is interested in that kind of stuff, you can read the comic when i’m ready to start it up again.

So, um, I think that’s all? Bye XD
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She is the only character who kept her name XD
I really needed to change my cover considering it was old and I changed sonas lmao
those legs XD
@Flareon1: It's okay, i'm really sorry if i upset you. Do you want me to stop making jokes like that with you? I don't mind if you do.
@WiispNightmare: really? thank you so much! It's really just the thought that matters to me though ^^
I changed some of my sona's patterns, and I think it was a huge improvement!
NO! We don’t talk about that here >:(
I actually didn’t know Loki and Thor were real Norse gods until a couple of years ago ,^^
It’s kind of sad XD
What do you mean some of them died? (In a Donald Trump voice) this is FaKe NeWs
Endgame? What is this “Endgame” you speak of?
So that means you know about Tony and Gamora but nobody else, right?
Also LEGO Batman XD
That’s too bad, i’m actually a really big Marvel fan XD
What movies do you like?
Oof XD

So I guess you’re not a fan of superhero movies, then?
Ohhhh.... well how much do you know?
Wait have you not seen the marvel movies? Which characters don’t you know?
I put a spoiler warning on it! Why did you click it XD