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I like cartoons and animation and comics and anime and video games.
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Episode 7
Sorry this took so long, my files were accidentally deleted and I had to redraw it all :/
Episode 4
So yeah, Roosy Raptor got a crit hit on the machop....shhhhit.
Episode 1
If you'd like to see the prequel series, follow this link:
@malektorche: That would literally be the coolest thing that anyone ever did for me :)
It's a Netflix cartoon :P
Episode 24
Anyone catch dat Bojack Horseman reference? ^^ @TheJGamer
Episode 19
Spent all my pokemunz on HP pills, cause ima scared of loosing to the dragon gym :P
Merry Valentines, mother fuckers
Had this idea for a while

The date's close enough

Forgot to give your partner a gift? them this comic...tell them to share the series...literally just demand they promote my nuzlocke know...for valentines

Episode 1
Unova's fucked