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Ouch. Poor George.

Hopefully Atty stops being so tsun on the next page he'll be back
This was definitely the toughest boss fight when I played Megaman 3. I spent a good 10 minutes on it
...Well... you are what you eat, I suppose...

Edit: Kurona posted before me with the same message. I get the feeling a bunch of other people also thought the same lol

I never knew. lol
Clearly Atty doesn't have enough badges to train DT
I'm thinking that the punch was a little unnecessary haha. Oh well. Shame about Ichabod though :c
Touhou man.
Nice. lol
...that certainly doesnt look like a big bag...
November 28th, 2012
That is an awesome train. Look at that tilt.
I too like Cinnabon.
Are we sure that Ballade isn't Dave's counterpart? Or would that be compliment instead of counterpart?
Penguin Man was just chillin' out under some rocks, no big deal.
Seto Kaiba?

The black eye is definitely there, but maybe some people are looking near the bottom instead of near the top of the eye

Show your true power! You must secretly be a genius and devise the perfect ploy to defeat your opponents!

...Stop smoking and listen to me!
This reminds me of a puzzle...
That was a seriously good lie. Holy poop Gold, I'm impressed.

also lol nice cosplay
I thought that Silver holding onto Murkrow's feet looked familiar.

Silver's pretty cool.