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hi everyone! I'm the author of Teacher's Life, a hilarious comic you should totally read!!!!1111!111!! and i'm also planning to make a comic called *chocolate cherry cafe* which you should also read when i start publishing seriously!

when i turn 14 im also planning to start a webtoon so you can also support me there!

My username on Instagram: @tapioca.lychee

My username on DeviantArt: @Lesi-chan0911
Updating on time? Me?
Maybe I should start updating every sunday
@martin25: thank you!!
Sorry for missing a week!
Blhhh I have so many exams :(
@silver moon :3: who do u think it isss??
@silver moon :3: thanks! It took ages to draw but I think it ended up nice c:
Who do you ship?
Coconut x pineapple, or coconut x mango?
Who do you think miss coconut’s boyfriend is?
Mr peach, mr pineapple, or mr mango?

Ps: the O, A and D are the initials for their first name.
The detective work starts :>

Sorry for taking ages to update!
August 3rd, 2019
Looking at this page and going back to look at the start, you’ve progressed so much !! :,)
Sorry for the horrible updating!! I’ve been feeling lazy recently 0_0

I’m worried that my drawing skills aren’t good enough to make a good comic and I won’t be able to improve quickly enough... and making good quality drawings in a short time... and drawing every single panel... a g h
@Allieluigico: banana banner :D
@silver moon :3: woahh sorry for replying so late!! But thank you for showing her :D)))
Sorry for not updating in so long, I’ve been lazy and had exams too