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hi everyone! I'm the author of Teacher's Life, a hilarious comic you should totally read!!!!1111!111!! and i'm also planning to make a comic called *chocolate cherry cafe* which you should also read when i start publishing seriously!

when i turn 14 im also planning to start a webtoon so you can also support me there!

My username on Instagram: @tapioca.lychee

My username on DeviantArt: @Lesi-chan0911
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Uggh today’s the last day of school
@Silvermoon : I don’t think I have an accent, I definitely don’t sound like Australian people in movies lol

Also I’m not too sure where anything in America is but Illinois sounds cool!
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Happy Australia Day! (I live in Australia)
@Silvermoon : yep!
This might turn into a date!
Also a character from another comic appears!
@Silvermoon : hehehe
The entire class can see their romantic moment, they’re the ones saying ew!
Sorry for how messy it is, I actually made it in a rush to fix a mistake I made with uploading
Who cares if miss broccoli is a teacher, she can wear the sailor uniform like every other anime girl
Also she has some pretty... interesting... stuff on her phone 📱

Anyway hope you all enjoyed it! I’m gonna make as many comics as I can this year!
Follow me on Instagram @tapioca.lychee - I do nicer drawings on there!
I feel bad for being too lazy to draw more comics so here’s a really messy one I tried to make

As you can see, it’s only logical to date people who wear the same colours as you except different shades!
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I have about 22 more episodes planned out already! I’ve also planned the ending so I might add it onto the end of that 22 or keep going, I’m not too sure yet but we’ll see! After this I’m going to work on Chocolate Cherry Cafe! (Already I’ve redone the first two episodes 3 times, but haven’t published it)
Happy New Year!
Thank you for supporting me and this comic for three years now! (Yep, I’m pretty lazy uploading) even though 2018 was a pretty bad year for me, I’m hoping 2019 will be better! I have a lot of things I want to do, and I’ll also try getting this comic done more regularly. I’ll be aiming to finish the entirety of Teacher’s Life this year :)
@Silvermoon : a merit’s just a reward a teacher can give to a student :)
December 15th, 2018
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The devil wears purple Illuminati dresses
I’m definitely not trying to be racist here, just trying to cover up my mistakes in colouring :>
@Silver moon : ah thanks! I’ve read cafe au lait too, it’s really cute!
@Silver moon: I’m kinda planning to redo it after I finish teacher’s Life, but thanks for checking it out!
@Silvermoon : thats just my old account! im the only actual author of this haha
thanks!! i try my best lol
@Silvermoon : also how did you find this comic in the first place? just wondering where people would be able to find it :)
A ship has finally sailed! (Apart from jasmine and Tom) Miss eggplant is the first teacher to get a date :) I’m looking forward to drawing the next parts lol
The Instagram is no more.

Mainly because I’m too lazy to keep updating it lol

Also, if you want, you can ask me anytime to send you an email every time this comic updates! Just comment ^^