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hi everyone! I'm the author of Teacher's Life, a hilarious comic you should totally read!!!!1111!111!! and i'm also planning to make a comic called *chocolate cherry cafe* which you should also read when i start publishing seriously!

when i turn 14 im also planning to start a webtoon so you can also support me there!

My username on Instagram: @tapioca.lychee

My username on DeviantArt: @Lesi-chan0911
@silver moon :3: aww thank you so much :D You're amazing too!!
@silver moon :3: i love it!! thank you so much <33333
aww omg it's so cute!!!
thank you so much!! your comic is so cute, and their expressions in this one are so funny and cute lol <3
Thank you!
@silver moon :3: I really appreciate all of the comments you leave, and all the support you’ve given me. This comic would have been abandoned ages ago if you hadn’t written all of those lovely things, because I wouldn’t have known that at least someone was enjoying what I make. Knowing that just one person was waiting for updates made it worthwhile for me to come back from all my hiatuses and keep going, and I’m so thankful that you helped me come so far 😊

Of course, if there are other readers out there, I’d love it if you could leave a comment now and again, just so I know you’re here and reading!
I was actually in a hurry to make this and I hate the quality of it ;-;

Exams are in a month and I’m already stressed
the effects on this chapter are so pretty!!
this is also what i do when i eat cake xD
aren't we all, lol ;D
actually, i changed my username on instagram, it's now @lazy_lychee!
im single too rheeEeeEEEEeee
@silver moon :3: but I'm sure you too will find a romance one day ;)
oh, i just used a different pencil tool!

actually, i have 4 more episodes scheduled to be released after this one, and the pencil keeps on being changed because I'm trying to find the best one!
April 25th, 2019
@RandomEgg: ahh me too, i thought it was a magic smoke thingy
When miss coconut says she dated in primary, that means that when she was too young to date they were just close friends (I realise I didn’t think this through so I just wanted to explain)
Sorry for hiatus!
Been many busy and couldn’t use my iPad

I’m drawing chocolate cherry cafe on my laptop though, so it’ll be updated more regularly. For the rest of April there will be many good updates !
ehe im literally scheduling this to update on random days
. Also, I really like this style and I think if I keep going and become neater then I could definitely make my webtoon in this style
(as you can tell i literally cant wait)
Also i did like half an episode of teachers life today
spoiler: something exciting's going to happen soon~!
comic style
i think i will keep drawing this comic in this style~~